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  • 180 consistently located in Melbourne, Australia. Yep server conections are great lol, need P2P
  • We have a pretty good following of hockey down here, we have a league that operates accross states and is on pay TV. Austrralians love their NA sports. Thats probably the problem being so far away people think the game wont fly in Australia but it does.
  • I think after 30 wins you get a collectable! and some coins along the way. Im more disappointing in the coins for offiline challenges, definitely not enough trying to force players to purchase stuff with $$$ this year, EA must be struggling.
  • They need to go P2P sharing for online so the "rest of the world" can actually play without input delay. Online is unplayable in Australia but does EA care - Hell NO, they already got our money.
  • To rip you off mate! Simple, Every time you get one of these it replaces the potential of you getting a card you actually want. Do you expect anything less from money hungry EA?
  • lol complaining about 80ms ping, add 100ms and try at 180ms thats the best we get in Australia, then play online in HUT get owned when you have to wait 2 seconds after pressing for a pass. Games a joke.
  • I can so under futhre investigation, my two created player were in the free agents list, in 31 expansion mode as golden knights. I started again and assigned one too the GK's and one I left the same. The one I left the same was still under free agents when starting a new game whilst the one I assigned to GK's beforehand…
  • I was able to create two x 20 year old skater free agents that are in my 32 expansion franchise mode. I picked them up as free agents and signed them to the golden knights after the expansion and rookie draft. I think the trick was to leave them as free agents. I havent tried adding them to a team, ill try tonight.
  • I was able to create two skater of 20 years of age for my two boys. I left them as free agents and was able to sign them as free agents in 32 expansion mode playing as golden knights. Maybe the trick was leaving them as free agents instead of assigning them a team
  • I was able to create 2 x 20 year old free agent skaters that I could pick up as free agents in 32 expansion franchise mode as golden knights. Not sure if it works by assigning them a team before starting a new franchise mode.
  • You read my mind, as much as I like this years music I too used to love the feature of adding in your own custom music.
  • I always create 2 skaters, 1 for each of my sons, when I started my 32 expansion franchise as the golden knights I was able to pick them up as free agents in the free agents signing time of the game during pre-season. Dont know if its relevant to this discussion.
  • Would love to know what are the names of those you drafted so I can check them out, myself i Havent had any such luck yet with the golden knights
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