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  • It happens, especially if forwards don't throw a pass to a defenseman once in a while. Others don't care the game is offensively geared, goal goes in from the point missed assigment, goal goes in while your covering a player from doing a wrap around…
  • I've taken an entirely new perspective to playing eashl drop in and it actually makes me want to play it more often. Most players would rather rage then attempt to adapt and improve. The game has problems, there's no doubt but there's still a skill …
  • I said that before. It seems like when you hit a guy in your zone the goalie freezes for an instant and it allows the shot to go in.
  • I like that aspect actually. My entire job as a dman is to interupt your flow. You'll learn real quick not to shoot at my goalie after the play and respect my zone. Ya also ain't gonna run around and rough up my team and not have anyone to answer to.
  • I'm gonna go ahead and disagree, you want all around players who are good at just about everything, it completely destroys the idea of player class' and defined roles which i think should be necessary to play in a team oriented game especially in fu…
  • I know that but it would really depend on how long that timing window is cause if it's toi long then it would just revert back to being auto again.
  • I play as an enf d and it's the most frowned upon build in the game by good players.........?..........
  • It's very hard, it's funny cause i didn't know it existed and i thought players who did it were just amazing, that was a long time ago then i realized wait there's a button for it what? I don't think it should get a buff though it should be more dif…
  • I think they should get rid of the auto one timer. Having more control means less of the game doing it for you.
  • The block button has always done me more harm than good because a lot of times he bends over instead of goes to a knee, also you gotta try and block high a lot and not screen the goalie.
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