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  • This right here is the problem with this game. Those ARE penalties. Because the player went down after contact. BUT, no NHL player in the game right now drops like a bag of potatoes because of that contact. EVERY bit of contact in this game is a trip. Anything. Anything at all that touches the players leg.
  • Lol the poke check is the biggest joke ever. I just tried to poke check a puck straight ahead of me so I could beat the AI to the puck. The check literally auto aims to the opposing players skates everytime. And since every skate contact on this game is a trip it's a penalty.
  • So glad you stopped by.
  • Well guess I'll wait until next year. Thanks for the answers
  • Oh. And do all your players that don't have photos still just have black shadows? Or have they figured out how to use the bap portrait generator for your rookies and prospects?
  • The biggest problem I find isn't the calls, it's the fact that someone falls over everytime your stick grazes them. Doesnt matter how hard you touch them they'll fall and get a tripping penalty. It could be the end of your swing with no momentum and they'll still go flying.
  • I mean, players strip pucks from behind guys ALL the time. I don't know many NHL players who flail their stick from behind a guy and call it a "poke check". But for some reason that's a poke check in this game.
  • Don't care about people exploiting ai. I care about it being dumber than a bag of bricks. Every pass IS perfect. Every stick check magnets the puck onto them. Every hit is bone shattering and everytime you hit them they barely stumble. And if you do manage to hit them hard enough to knock them down theyll still get up and…
  • What I'd like to see is just computer generated profiles for any player lacking a picture. They do it for your character in BAP. Can't see why it can't generate a profile picture out of the already generated character model. The black silhouettes are just lazy as hell.
  • Item 1. Fix the AI. It's a joke. Your team mates make stupid plays. Seriously. Scrap all other "features" until AI is a feature you're proud of. Have the defensemen set to contain puck. Not one of them gets in the shot lane. And they constantly dive at the feet of the player shooting... penalties for days. Not to mention…
  • I meant more what was displayed and the ease of navigating menus. I agree that the transitions for some reason are really slow. Especially going from the ahl to NHL and vice versa. Just played BAP and there's really no major changes there. It's a little easier to get experience. Don't need to score a hat trick every game…
  • Then there's no point taking anyone who has speed. Merely pick shooters and passers. Gg.
  • I'd have to disagree simply for the fact it moves sooooo slow. The AI will deke around your stick in seconds. Much better to just hit r1 when they're at the perfect range and hope it works. Most of the time you'll knock the puck loose just for them to insta spin around and grab it again so I guess either point is moot.…
  • And in the same sweep you nerf every forward whose strength is their speed.
  • Manually look through each team. But you can at least browse trade blocks to see peoples surplus. Also you can select a team, then go to "skaters matching block" and it lists all the players a teams willing to part with. Very rarely will you win a trade though. Just a heads up. AI wants gold for silver.
  • From lack of response, I'm gonna guess that's a big no. See you all next year.
  • Man I would love this. Or at least have stats actually matter.
  • I mean, on one poke he does successfully, he literally pokes it out on his blade and then the puck sits there. Why wouldn't his player automatically pick it up if it's already on his blade?
  • I agree completely. If they can solve the gameplay issues, especially the very stupid AI, it will save a lot of modes in a single swoop. Then they can start adding the extra flares. I'd give my left nut just to have the coach TELL ME THE GAMEPLANS. I'm sure somewhere in the programming each team has a strategy setup. But…
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