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  • Update: added HUT to modes and IntHL to leagues
  • 2k NBA has animated interviews and cinematic story. Maybe we don't need a story, but some cinematics would be nice, also everything @Dmoushey_31 said. Be A Pro needs some love and care. It's been overdue. I might buy the game this year if they add these things to Be A Pro. Otherwise I'll just wait until NHLSeattle is in…
    in Be A Pro Reply by b24hhh July 2019
  • Thanks @darkryd3r I know that NHL is not part of IIHF, but NHL players do play in IIHF tournaments, because they usually are the best players in their teams. Winning World Championship is as tough as winning the Stanley Cup, and not every NHL player has the opportunity to win it. It's a priviledge to win the Triple Gold:…
  • There are these three reasons, why NHL is the best league in the world: 1. Two biggest hockey countries (USA and Canada), but especially Canada having lots of player production 2. The biggest hockey market on the planet both by attendance and media interest 3. NHLPA getting the players lots of money Then if we look at the…
  • Ok, well then there is no excuse for EA.
  • Be a Pro needs some love and care: Be a Pro* Implement ECHL as a minors minors. * Implement SHL, Liiga, NLA, ELH, DEL, Allsvenskan and EBEL as leagues to start your career from * Create animated NHL award ceremonies, which is shown if you are awarded a trophy * Create animated number retirement ceremonies * Create animated…
  • I think they know how many people play BaP, so as it clearly isn't one of their priorities there probably isn't enough people. However if they gave more effort to the thing, they might get more people play the mode. Making animated stories like fifa and nba2k would make it more compelling. But when you already have the…
  • Microsoft and Sony are not getting any money if you load your own music, however they get a cut from Spotify, that's why.
  • That would be the plan, yes. To be fair, the North America is the base that you don't want to lose. It would not be an increase if you gave up the audience you already have.
  • By 30 percent I guess basing it on registered hockey players, maybe more. I think that NHL, because it is the no 1 league in the world would get the same licence fee, and if the game would feature all ice hockey national teams, it could get the licence from IIHF at an affordable price. The thing is, North american hockey…
  • That's exactly what I was after. FIFA of hockey.
  • I guess north americans don't care about european leagues, but europeans do. Added* be a pro leagues * be a gm leagues * continental cup tournament
  • Yes, this is a concept for the perfect world. Why would I suggest anything else? NHL is going to be the main concern, when the game is called NHL, but if it would be called IIHF like I suggested, this would not be the case. I don't think having more accurate faces and having more teams is a trade-off: they have totally…
  • Be a Pro: * Being able to sign a pro contract to a European league, if you don't make it in the NHL team * Being able to start your career in a European league before getting drafted * Being able to go to World Junior Championships and then to World Cup of Hockey, every 4 years * Being able to sign an NHL contract…
  • Finnish version: eashl -menus have issues with text not showing properly: they go off the screen to the right. -names on the jerseys are not showing properly: the upper side of the text is not showing.
  • The AI is worse with gameplay, but I agree that it's flawed anyway. EA seems to think that when a player reaches the age of 26, they don't grow anymore, and begin to decline instead. I think that is total ****. Players grow until they get the age of 30. That's because it's the prime of their body + brains. It's true that…
  • The problem is that they can't make the AI play like NHL players. So simulating without watching the gameplay is more true to real NHL. That's why when I play BaGM I don't watch the actual gameplay and sim instead.
  • I think that they should first work on the gameplay. BaP is a grind I give you that, but some of us don't play any other mode so much. If you get gameplay working, BaP and every other mode will be much better.
  • They should fully integrate ECHL to all the game modes, as most NHL teams have an ECHL affiliate it would deepen all game modes. Some teams would share the same team, like AHL was before, so IMO It wouldn't be so hard to implement.
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