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  • Tbh that "bug" is not even a rare occurrence. Its not really common, but its not rare either...you will see it more than enough times if you play G enough. Those weird deflection animation goalies into or weird animations on other shots as…
  • (Quote) Why didn't you patch it then? Games been around for almost 7-8 months now. Why don't you just patch it or you guys delay that on purpose to next game so can say new and improved g mechanics...but along with that there will more bugs that wo…
  • Make deflections manual input in 6s.
  • 5hole wrap glitch will be the new exploit soon since goalie gets beat 5hole during those wrap animations even when in perfect rvh butterfly when reading the wrap play perfectly.
  • (Quote) Why you lying? You are a forward. lol
  • Nothing to do with visibility issues....its such a dumb idea to have the score clock at the bottom of the screen. Every sports games and sports on TV has the score clock at the bottom of the screen, give us an option to put it back at the top. Even …
  • He is wayy better than Doc Emriyk. This presentation is so much better than stale old NBC, and I think Doc Emriyk was prob the worst play by play out of any sports titles ever. Everything better other than the god awful scoreclock at the bottom of…
  • you gotta come out for midrange notice its easier to snipe if u deep in net, which is a good thing imo. but thing that irks me the most is that position hardly EVER get play of the game between periods. its 99% of time position players that get i…
  • Idk Venom. I feel like the goalie movements feels way more natural this year, feels a lot less clunky. Even some of the saves feels realistic where goalie uses stick or blocker to guide the puck to the side boards or even out of play. I'm on PS4, a…
  • New presentation and play by play is a LOT better than NBC. But the store clock is awful....who thought it would be a good idea to put it low on the screen and make it flicker during PPs?
  • spoke too soon. i love how the beta plays minus the few glitches. new presentation is wayyyy better but the scoreclock at the bottom is AWFUL. even on small its massive.
  • (Quote) Bet you the type said this same thing when people where complaining about dressing room errors in beta last year. NHL 19 is almost end of its cycle and dressing room errors are still a thing.
  • (Quote) Nothing to do with difficulty, its the goalie save animation logic. It will be the same same on every difficulty. This series needs a new producer with new vision for the series. Its stale now, and same thing year after year and charging us…
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plHrjHfTOvc Full game. I don't care how old this build is, but this game is just NHL 19.2 thats being charged a full AAA price. I\m still gonna buy it Day 1, but NHL series REALLY needs some competition or nothin…
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