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  • Awesome, thanks for the response. Can’t wait to rock my toque again, it’s been too long
  • Woooooo! You listened to my ideas from 3-4 years ago with the pond hockey and free-4-all return! Gear to grind for? Yes please. Better skating and puck pickups is huge. I’d love to see how these actually play I’m excited as hell, thank you. Finally have a reason to get back into this game Can any gamechangers say anything…
  • I've held off on commenting here for a while, mostly because I'm not a big fan of the new forums, but I had post because this complaining is unbearable. I absolutely agree with you. This is probably my favourite NHL game ever released, 04, 11 and Hitz were my previous favourites but this takes the cake. Offline you have…
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