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  • I wonder if the Devs have looked at this yet.... lol
  • Exactly why I'm here as well..... weird that nothing has been said yet. I couldn't imagine them waiting until E3 to say ANYTHING about it.
  • That was me, I thought that is how it worked but I wasn't sure. Thanks. Still looks like most of the people voting are in favor of the progressive builds over the ea ones. Not sure if that will mean anything to the Devs or not though.
  • I would actually agree with that as well. Having to grind to get my afro sucks.... lol I'd rather have those different stick flexs and curves be unlockables for "grinding" as well. They could even throw in the different sticks, gloves, helmets, skates that you can unlock to have different rewards as well.. if they were to…
  • I think mostly everyone can agree to a middle ground something like: - you get all points from the beginning... no grind needed except for cosmetic unlockables like we have now. - make sure the attributes actually matter for each category - be able to adjust height and weight(this should effect your attributes as well) -…
  • Exactly... much cheaper for them as far as Development goes to just throw in preset builds... then "tweak" them a little bit here and there. It would take much more "development" to actually have to test and make sure each attribute mattered.
  • I am a little confused... I missed a couple pages and dont feel like going back to read all of them. lol L3 and boosts are completely different, are they not? I didn't think most people were suggesting getting the +3, 5, and 7 boosts back? I thought the majority of people arguing for customization wanted just that, the…
  • Yeah the point system was definitely exploited. That's why my argument for custom attributes would be that EA would need to make sure each category would matter. You put a cap on how high you can make certain attributes for each player type. Example: an enforcer base player type couldn't have 99 on shooting. They would be…
  • When you say Legend 3 are you talking about the grind, the boosts, the custom builds, or all of the above?
  • I agree that there was a lot of that happening, but that's where EA needs to take the time to make sure player stats matter... all of them... not just the "important ones". If they take the time they could balance it out. I see players with Grinder doing "cheese" shots now all the time so that makes no difference. I see…
  • Nhl 14 had a set cap on attributes as well. It also had a system where if you took a sniper as the base build.. it costs less points for shooting attributes.. it also costs more per attribute to up your checking so youd run out of points maxing it to 84 which was the cap i believe. problem was that you could just not put…
  • I like the unlockables for the stadiums and such. The hairstyle thing kinda is pointless to me though. I like an idea i saw that had unlockable sticks, helmets, etc. Even "boosts" where it would give you something like +5 shooting but that boost takes 5 from passing. Like a give and take type of deal added to the points…
  • Exactly. Most of the comments arent about having to grind. Some would like that idea but most feel like a good compromise would be give everyone the same amount of points up front and allow us to put them where we want.
  • I've been complaining about that since last years game. The preset builds are making the assumption that every player that is a Two Way, a Playmaker, a Snider all the same way. I think adding the "Hitting Sniper" is a way in the right direction, but you are right players are considered a certain class but not all players…
  • I like to hear the different ideas from both sides on how to compromise and things like that. I hate seeing the responses that are basically "you're dumb", "presets are stupid", "progression was a joke", etc. Have a conversation and put some ideas out there so if the developers are actually looking through these they can…
  • Would be great to be able to set that stuff up right? If they just want a trial run, give us a pool of say 6 different dmen and 10 different forwards, different builds, and let us choose which ones to use for that game.
  • and on a side note that isn't progression. I would love to see the ability to choose from a pool of CPU players to use in your lineup for EASHL. That way you can pick a player with a play type that matches or compliments your teams guys. I'd love to be able to customize these guys as well but baby steps.
  • I'm curious if more people played the game before and longer just because you had to grind to get to L3 or if it was just because of the attribute system and you could change your guys attributes? Personally, again, I prefer the custom builds because I was always changing and tweaking my guy depending on mine and my clubs…
  • Yes, exactly. I've been saying this for awhile now as well. Make the points matter and give visibility into everyones builds at the start of the game, during the game, and after. That would eliminate a "super build" if one would exist.
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