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  • You disk or digital? I’m digital. I had major desync today, though all my games counted. The AH is a mess the way out can’t see if you’ve been outbid and you have to literally reload the screen constantly to see. Even then it didn’t work for me once and I lost a bid. It’s a shame. I used to really love the NHL series, HUT…
  • This game is utterly broken. It just doesn’t work. Buying assassins creed and that’ll last until RDR 2 comes out. Screw this game. Had WAY more fun with MLB The Show.
  • Well I’m done with it. One win in my last 12. Watching him twitching back and forth and circling around because game physics won’t let me take the puck off him isn’t fun. Running the same play over and over, waiting for the same shot isn’t fun either. I’ll just play my franchise I guess. It’s a real shame to see how far…
  • Also, thanks for the tip on strategies. I found a video on that too so I’m gonna watch that later.
  • I love Rocket League because I know when I make a mistake, it was my mistake. In NHL I just can’t seem to stop the twitch deke, the guys who just hold the puck away and turn invincible, the guys who circle around until they can cross-crease... I just can’t figure it out. I just watched a video on how to score goals, so…
  • Which is fine, in comparison to what they were. What about those hero sets that need two carbon, six gold and all the players? That’s like a 300k set right there. They need to up the drop rates, or adjust how many are needed to complete sets. My opinion, anyway. Or maybe these cards are supposed to be so elite, very few…
  • I won’t be doing any heroes. The collectibles make the whole setup a joke. Some sets need two or three carbons, that’s at least 180 k right there. Not happening.
    in Heroes Reply by cbxero October 2017
  • Panarin-Backstrom-Laine Skinner-Draisaitl-Ehlers Hoffman-McDavid-Kessel Praise-Johnson-Voracek Giordano-Faulk Werenski-Jones Reilly-Parayko Murray-Talbot RS/DZ/FS
  • I found the pre-order jersey in the NHL jersey collection, not the digital content collection. Go into your jerseys, pick NHL and it should be there.
  • It’s not a troll you goof. You can’t trade coins, so if you only want coins, sell it. Don’t be stupid.
  • HUT is pretty much unplayable online. Never felt the “stuck in the mud” phenomenon like inhave playing this mode online.
  • Did you read the post? The menu navigation and clunky design for the market is terrible.
  • It's probably beating a dead horse but man... if they took a page out of diamond dynasty's book, this could be great. Challenges that earn you players to boost your team. Let us players buy pucks, not points. And have stats actually matter. I can't tell the difference between any of my skaters. Not a single difference.…
  • Sure. Can I borrow your credit card?
  • Man this place was great back in NHL 13-14 era. Waste of time these days. I'm really disappointed in the game this year. Gonna be mostly franchise play for me I guess. After playing Diamond Dynasty for the first time this summer, HUT greatly pales in comparison. They made a couple of good strides but... it's not enough.
  • You must be talking about the HUT cards vs the player rankings in the game. They are different, yes.
  • When you are at the screen to edit your PP/PK or whatever, use the quick swap option and then quick swap with any other player from your forward or defence.
  • Oh lol... I'd be awful at NBA games.
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