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  • Stop saying it is not easy to fix! It is! The suggestion to make it an offense and let junior people review it and ban the raggers is an easy one. Techncally it is a no-brainer to make it harder to control the puck while skating around in circles. EA reps like to talk about skill gap. Now, this is a hockey game, right?…
  • There are issues absolutely. One of them being high rated players that can score a wrister from the blue line without any traffic in front of a decent goalie. Highly disturbing as this is one piece of lack of realism that should be very easy to get rid of.
  • Interesting silence from EA reps here right after a couple of easy mitigation actions came up... :) It would be very easy for a few developers to immediately change some sliders to make the ragging harder. IMHO it would also require more skill to handle your players.
  • That "race down the board, make a blind passs and score a cross crease goal every time" should be easy to get rid of by adding some intelligence to the D man in front of the goal. It is far too easy to score like that.
    in Speed Reply by chli76 March 2021
  • OP has a point in the issue with dumping the puck. I won't blame the game for my shortcomings but it is an obvious problem when big D-men can both turn around an accelerate fast enough to catch Lafleur when he is already on the fly in a straight line...
  • But this is still a matter of adding more realism here. You can't simply skate full speed sweeping your stick around so I just mean there should be a bigger speed penalty for the sweeping.
  • What I don't really understand about the original discussion here, the tilt, is this: if people are certain about that a team with lower rated cards has the advantage, why bother with buying, or grinding for, packs at all? And again, the best way to promote buying packages would rather be to make the difference between…
  • As a comment, watch out for your line change buttons at the end and beginning of the periods. If you change before the faceoff, this is exactly what will happen. Might not be applicable in your case but I've done that mistake a couple of times.
  • I may be stupid but... where do I find these sets?
  • Talking about the poke check... There has been many discussions about speed and how the players speed value and other parameters affect how fast the players move around on the ice. How the heck is it possible to skate at such a high speed while sweeping the stick back and forth? Put on your skate and try that on real ice.…
  • Thanks! I wasn't aware of that. Now I have some practice coming.
  • I second on the changes to the sliders described above. I wasn't aware of them all, but changing them to make it harder to figure skate with the puck would be a no-brainer if EA really want the (in)famous skill gap. That being said, it is obvious that changes like this would not be beneficial to the top players that have…
  • I do not believe there is a tilt. The game is frustrating as there are issues beneficial to bad players. An obvious one being the ability to skate full speed while sweeping the stick back on forth to poke check. Put on your skates and try that on real ice... But really... to sell more packs EA would be better off…
  • I would really like a comment from the EA guys on this one. I work within software and this is a clear and serious bug. @EA_Aljo ?
  • I bump this thread. To get from Makar 90 ovr to 91 ovr I need a Colorado player named Graves. Nowhere to be found... Suggestions? Or do I just need to wait to get lucky with a pack?
  • Something has to be done, thats for sure. Had a game tonight vs an a--hole that scored a lucky 1-0. Then skating around his own crease the rest of the game.
  • I am still struggling with getting poke checked from behind. How do I avoid that? When I try to poke from behind I will get a penalty 90% of the time. Makes me wonder why my opponents can do it...
  • I would like to have sets for customization items (goalie masks, jersey #, celebrations) as well as for coaches so I can trade them for something I want instead of just piling them up. Stats please! I miss the "blocked shots" in the in-game stats menu. I would also like to have team and player stats with the ability to…
  • After reading the tips and tricks in this thread and tried to implement som changes to my game I have found that it helps me a lot to slow down a bit instead of just skate full speed. With a slower skating pace it is easier to make quick moves. Skate slower, pass faster. Works for me. :smile:
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