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  • I played against a team in squad battle amd the team had a loan player with 30000 games remaining. How is that possible and how can i get this cheat glitch? Club name is major woody469 if you want to check. Also, im getting tired seeing opponents where they have expired loan players in their lineups. If teams have expired…
  • EA needs to know this. I played a team in squad battle and he has a loan item for 30000 games remaining. How is that possible and how can i get this glitch? If you want to look it up yourself, team name is major woody469
  • Looks like im not the only one because mine is 0/3 reward packs and ive open reward packs everyday. It also hasnt counted som for the milestone objective
  • I swear, even though you didnt say anything about a tuner update, that you did something with the tuner because the whole game felt slow in chel and as always, you still reward the guys that arent good at the game and make it so the guys that know how to play cant make plays
  • Tried for almost an hour to get into a game in club and different guys got booted as the game was loading. Even in a private game. You need to fix that asap
  • You guys need to do something with your charging/boardings and goalies tripping skaters. It it stupid how you go for the puck that is not in front of the net and the goalie trips you and doesnt get a penalty and tjere is too many boarding and charging in 3s that never gets called
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