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  • I don't know if you are still interested in him, but I talked to one player who has him in goal after a game which I won 1-0 with 42 shoots. He said that Murray play's almost every game really solid. From what I have seen, he is really quick, especially his side to side moves to stop 1t's.
    in Goalie Reply by daflow23 June 2017
  • I am running SCE Anderson atm. Started great, then again he has his moments. SCE Rinne looks like a monster for me like Hextall. Everytime hard to score against him. On the otherside I heard from ppl who use him that he is way to aggressive, what leads to many goals against him. But seriously, every goalie has his problems.
    in Goalie Reply by daflow23 June 2017
  • Great for you. I got s2 Ryan Miller. I am so glad I played 3 games to get this beauty without a chance of replacement.
  • Contact EA help. As soon as you get an advicer in the chat tell him your problems. Had the same issue at the beginning of the year. 1 hour after I talked to one advicer the issue was fixed.
  • No. You only get the player. After completing 3 90+ and one 94+ I got S1 Kopitar, Arena Bryzgalov, S2 McDonagh and S2 Stamkos (in the same pack) and finally 97 Heatley.
  • I saw Roy on video (XBOXone) early this day for 100k BN. The pull rate of this master players are incredibale. Just bought 4 Bryzgalovs on PS4 for below 18k (Quicksell is 20k).
  • Probably in a week or so. Maybe it will take a little bit longer. Now is the best time to buy those players.
  • Honestly, there is no good time to rip the packs. Got a 77 TOTW. Great.
  • I feel sad for everyone who doesn't get him. He is a beast. Nothing else to say about him.
  • That's really bad. I can feel your pain. I thought about it today to open this two player pack set, but after visiting reddit I thought probably it's not a good idea.
  • Create a second account.
  • The snubbed players are: 89 Carlo - HH(2) SB(2) T(3) IO(2) WC(3) 92 Aho - DD(2) PP(2) WW(2) CG(3) CS(3) 93 Provorov - PP(2) TW(3) CC(2) BL(2) TK(3) 92 Drouin - DD(2) PP(2) TT(3) PH(2) X(3) 91 Vasilevskiy - TT(3) TW(2) T(3) WC(2) LB(2)
  • That's right. This year the YoungGuns TOTY has only players with an entry level contract. I read it somewhere on reddit and EA confirmed it on there page as well. The 5 missing guys should have an entry level contract as well.
  • Only through sets. 10 TOTY collectibles (and then you have to pray) or you make the 4th rank in CS this round.
  • As I said. Look into the CS round rewards. The first five places get a TOTY pack for a player who hasn't made a TOTY. I have no other info at this point but I would be really suprised if EA wouldn't release a set with those players. And on twitter they posted a picture of OEL, Radulov and Bishop.…
  • Obviously it's just a guess from myside. But the reward packs for CS contain packs for player's which havn't made the TOTY's. So probably this could be the sets that are coming.
  • The Chel Network posted a youtube video with this card design. ItzNHL designed the cards.
    in C TOTY Reply by daflow23 March 2017
  • Just a few minutes ago somebody bought Horvat for 199.950 coins on PS4. MOV madnass part 2 :D
  • I had several guy's doing it against me. As mattborowiec said, don't skip the replay's. You can then score in his empty net to end his penalty or you can skate back in your own zone and shoot the puck over the boards as well. When it's down to 3on3 he can try to take as many penalty's as he want, it won't desync the game.…
  • Are you sure? I heard about Kolzig and the Staal's that they can be used as silver and bronze player. But when you search the auction house they are displayed as gold players.

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