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  • Thanks EA for the patch....I do appreciate your efforts in order to improve the gameplay. I also like the the new True Hockey Helmet. However, I wished there were some new face scans too.
  • At least a new patch...that shows that EA are still trying to improve the game. Nonetheless, I hope the upcoming roster update (which I expect by tomorrow) will provide some new face scans, come on EA...please
  • @EA: again, it“s great to have Spenger Cup now in the game. However, I hope that the rosters will be updated soon to the correct ones. And also some helmet colours are still wrong —> Ambri (away and home = white) Ufa (away = white) By the way, c…
  • Hell....i did not know until I heard it first time ingame. Wow, I was confused (to not say frightened :o ) when I heard Snoop's voice out of the commentary room. No joke, I was that shocked, lost my concentration and guess what.....gooooaaaalll for …
  • @lytko22 To have correct jerseys you need to download and activate latest roster update. Then jerseys should be fine. Unfortunately Trinec does not have the sponsor (Calanda) on it, only blank space. I think it's a licence problem with this beer bre…
  • at least some bio pics added....thanks for that. Anyhow, just a few new scanned faces would also have been appreciated.
  • Ronald McDonald now available in HUT....please EA :p
  • I faced this issue already in NHL 19 in the Swiss national league. I changed a few helmets, however in-game they were changed back to original ones. The same for some teams in the Czech league. So this error seems to happen in NHL 20 as well.....EA …
  • Same issue here....PRO too easy, ALL-STAR too aggressive and unrealistic for me. I tried out Cycloniac's sliders. I think they are quite good, at least better than EA's original ones (my opinion). They play best at PRO (I level up the cpu difficulty…
  • When the game was released I really was optimistic that this year EA would add many more player face-scans, finally. I appreciate of course all the new ones that are in now. Anyhow, especially when it was public that EA have scanned many players dur…
  • Sorry to say, it is a poor and lazy effort that EA provides on integration of face-scans. I expected Quinn Hughes as well this year for sure, but I give up my hope now. I have to agree with Froommey, I also think they hold back the already scanned p…
  • additionally....EA, please bring in the possibility that we can choose to play the be a pro career with an own character or with an existing real character....e.g. it would be great to play as Elias Pettersson or others. In past NHL games it was pos…
  • Disappointed here as well on this recent roster update. Come on EA, you obviously have scanned a lot of prospect players with your supa-doopa face-scan machine. Why not adding them to the game? Maybe later as a Christmas gift, please?
  • Again, no new face-scan or player pic found in roster update Nov 1st. So sad :'( (happy to hear if someone else had found one....let us know at any rate)
  • Yes, EA, please add more customizing options. Not just only beards style and length. For expample your generic face for Nikita Gusev (just to name one out of many others), come on, if you are honest, you have to confess that it must be a joke. There…
  • Really EA? Not one new face scan and player pictures added in roster update October 25th? (correct me if I am wrong). Come on, I can't believe you let us down. Is it because of licence issues or is it just ignoring the community's wishes?
  • Absolutely true...EA, this sucks...again you took a step into a wrong direction...
  • yes, true, noticed it too. Playing mostly with the Sharks and their away helmets are cream colour as well :/
  • one shot, one kill B)
  • Now Gusev is in. But his generic face is a joke....sorry EA.

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