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  • Or keep them and bring back custom lobbies so we can find games easier.
  • I dont like that at all. Club players still play drop-ins if they dont have enough members on. Getting used to one or the other will mess with your passing and timing. Either keep it for all modes or get rid of it for all modes IMO.
  • Last gen if you delivered a laser pass the player often fumbled the puck or missed the one timer if he was too close. Now you can fire a rocket pass from 2 feet away and the player accepts it no problem, that should be toned down a bit.
  • Where does this confidence in EA come from? I'd be happy if they brought back some old EASHL/OTP features from last gen.. but I don't expect it. My hunch is a double down on more outdoor rinks & clown gear, some quality of life improvements to HUT/Franchise mode, and some incremental improvements to Chel gameplay & maybe…
  • NHL 15 was a year after next gen consoles came out. When PS4/XB1 released in 2013, NHL14 debuted on PS3/360 only. Yes 15 on next gen was an abortion.
  • If chel gets closer to what it was last gen and the SSD makes the menus lightning fast, that's reason enough for me to get it.
  • It wasn't on next gen consoles in 2013 when PS4/XB1 launched either, why are you surprised? At least we can still play it on next gen consoles, weren't able to in 2013.
  • Yeah lol Update EA style.. here's an update to tell you approximately when the next update will be: https://ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/news/nhl21-update
  • @NHLDev Out of curiosity, what is the maximum time you would have to hold down the pass button to get the hardest rocket pass? My guess would be 1.5 or 2 seconds. Do you think it should be lowered? If you look at that clip above the pass was released pretty quick.
  • Yeah that was a rocket pass to a teammate 60 feet away, that's normal. Also, notice how quick he got that rocket pass off? Impossible to do in the game because you have to hold the pass button so long.
  • Yup, it would be for the better. Right now you can power-up a rocket pass to a teammate 10 feet away and he'll accept it no problem. Last gen he would have bobbled it. That needs to be toned down a bit.
  • I'm going to set this up and try the game out this weekend. Looks better than NHL20 lmao
  • @NHLDev Unless you're not allowed to comment? lol
  • Well there ya go, I did not know that! They should better detail how each attribute will help your player if they do go back to this design (which they should).
  • One example would be offensive and defensive awareness. Jacking these traits up would significantly boost your overall rating, but it didn't seem to actually have an effect in-game. So I would always leave these untouched and spend the points elsewhere.
  • My guess is time and budget. This game has to be pumped out every year so they have deadlines to meet. If it's not COMPLETELY game breaking then they wont spend much time on bug fixes for the current game. Yes they should break the cycle. Maybe go every 2 years, with patches and upgrades/updates every 3-4 months or so. New…
  • The main reason you never get guys on mics in drop-ins is because a lot of players are in party chats now. You never had party chat last gen. You'd just jump into the game chatting with your buddies and if other players had mic's they would chime in and by the 3rd period you had new friends.
  • You wouldn't have to deal with lobbies at all, you could stick with your beloved Matchmaker. The more options the better.
  • It happens a lot, it's a known issue. Not every time though, less than 50%. But enough that something needs to be done about it. Super frustrating especially with these slow menus as everyone has to back out(always back to the hub for some reason), then re-enter the drop-in dressingroom, then search again.
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