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  • I created 2 years worth, as i stated, they show up in the "rest of the world" section of the scouting. I only tested with 2 years, not 3 but im sure its possible seeing as, 1999 showed up in the first year draft and 2000 2nd year, there is also 2001 which im quite sure would show up in year #3
  • Great News. So i did some messing around with created players (rookie type players) I played on 32 team Expansion. When i created a player with a birth year of 1999 they appear as first year draft picks !!!! so if you want to draft your created player to your own team, Its totally possible!!!! I created another rookie with…
  • hmm wow you were right i quickly tried this on 32 mode expansion, i didnt "assign" a team to my 1 created player, but on the drafted by team he was on carolina, when i started the game he was actually on carolina, but i guess the trick is to make sure they are not assigned. Now i wonder if this will work with future draft…
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