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  • Reaction time, compared to NHL16 (by far the worst) and also NHL17 is miles ahead and beyond. Apparently there was a bug in some goalie code they didn't notice for 2 years that got fixed in NHL18. It would explain why it's night and day difference then the two previous games. However, reaction time in general for the game…
  • I dunno, the graphics for this game alone aren't that big. No big scenes or anything like most other non sports games. There probably isn't really much to enhance, besides maybe making it look smoother. Unless you play at like some ice level camera.
  • They are always posted 12-12:30pm est anyways.
  • Most likely run by people who do the input lag tests themselves. There are a ton of those out there; companies do not do the test or display the input lag numbers when selling their TV products though.
  • In a way, yes. As a pixel is inactive when it’s black, and active when it’s white, it means that a picture needs to be visible before you can react to what’s on the screen. The faster the response time of a display is, the quicker it can display an image. The quicker it does that, the quicker you can react to it. However,…
  • This is not true at all. First of all when you refer to 1ms and 4ms, that is response time for how fast the pixels can change colours / shades. It has nothing to do with input lag. There is a huge difference for consoles; generally older HD TV's have less processing features then newer ones out today. Using a 'game mode'…
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