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  • I just started rethinking this topic as I've been reordering and condensing my team for the championships. I very strongly suspect they pulled the reward off the table to keep an extra 96 overall out of teams lineups. And I'll bank on Bobby Hull being put back on the board at the end of the month. There really isn't a tech…
  • No element is feasible. First off, there are probably dozens of people who want a college hockey game. Worldwide, there has to be at least 12! Of course, how do you get rosters? Are you going to pay the players? You can't use the rosters. It would be an NCAA violation. It can't be done. How does EA get the rights? They…
  • So I think some of you guys give great, we'll thought out answers, and use more tact than I'm capable of . But I strongly suspect your overestimating the demographics. If a more realistic game for hockey players was the demand, we'd have it. But to my eye, the 12-22 year old crowd makes up the majority. And they come and…
  • I doubt EA want more simulation and authenticity. That would lead to a niche market. The arcade playability leads to a broader base. Anyone can pick up the game and have fun. That should be the motto. Frankly asking for more tedious board play and dumping and just general team play will alienate casual gamers. No casual…
  • So just as a theory, younger players are learning to defend with sticks now a days. Body checking is diminishing. That's a fact. Probably a league trend, due to concussion issues, as well as the dying breed of non skilled players. Now I grew up with big hits and making hits as a primary defence, but that isn't the case…
  • I play both HUT and EASHL equally. HUT seems to give puck carriers a halo through a wall of defenders. Frustrating when you try to wall off a player without poking and they survive the gauntlet. Ironic that if it was a pass, the cpu would snatch the puck up with sorcery if need be, but man on man, they are indifferent to…
  • Oh my goodness people : RELAX. Like it's gonna be okay. I promise. Seriously, if you are freaking out about a free player, that I have no idea how you could have enough rewards to claim now anyway, then you should take a break. You literally are living off of the game and need to take some time. EA says you'll get a player…
  • Thanks for the breakdown. There are clearly alot of variables, hopefully it keeps getting refined for the next release.
  • Regarding #3, I whole heartedly pushed for the increased tripping, for years. So I'm thrilled a major revision was done from past editions, but the physics have gone too far. Dramatically too far. Players literally yard sale on grazing contact, even from prime defensive positioning ( while back skating and poking from out…
  • You really can't invest free collectibles. They're free. I'm sure the rewards will be honored.
  • I believe the final fix is in. Sorry. And I never ever thought I'd be in the same boat, wondering how they let it get this bad, as I do not poke from behind, only when out in front, with the puck just sitting in front of my stick. Of course my stick will somehow extend 6 feet and miss the puck and the graze a skate,…
  • Oh EA will put a stripped down version on the next Gen consoles asap. No doubt!
  • .... .... .... Okay
  • Because I told him.
  • There were 3 not too long ago. Per team. Which made some seriously long games. The one time out now is sufficient.
  • Of course there will be an NHL 20. But if I recall correctly, EA did add drafted players as a HUT subset last year.... or maybe the year before.
  • Why would he be added? What team does he play for? What will be different in the spring?
  • The world goes on. The game is what it is. It'll get better in ways. They'll abandon certain "popular" elements and so on. This series has its die hard core and plenty of casual gamers who play it. Yes my original club has moved on. So I'm here to attest that EA is losing people, but it's not dying or dead. I suspect the…
  • I whole heartedly agree that people want to blame the game for a loss. It's pretty much human behavior. But as stated again and again, games are amiss. The passing is inexplicable. Even games that feel smooth, the passing is an alarming quandry. And pick ups (lack there of) just seem confounding. These are new issues. I…

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