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  • Tried 2 drop ins before work today. Winning both games, game froze and got booted from the other. I guess the low population was too much to handle.
  • I suspect that is what I have dealt with. It feels like I'm on the wrong server. Not everytime, in fact the past few days have been fine. But last week was atrocious. Not every game, but enough where I couldn't play. And one game in particular it felt like the old days when you'd get put on the Euro server.
  • In regards to HUT, I'll share my prospective. I've got an 18 month old, and a job. I can't play non stop and get a team of legends. I didn't even try to qualify for the weekly qualifiers until december. My squad was just over matched and skill mattered, but not often enough when the all 92+ team were shooting slap shots…
  • That's what I felt like, that I was playing on the European server. I'm outside Philly.
  • Jesus christ EA, why can't you get your servers working, and why do I expect better? Because for 2 days it was passable, and now it's garbage again. I was actively taking speed tests on my connection during the game. My ping was 13 and download speed 478. Yet in game I could do nothing. Why? Because my ping was 480 and…
  • Nevermind. Lag is back, and it's real.
  • So I will chime in, as I'm not in the conversation yet. I've played this series since it came in a cardboard box. It always felt like a momentum based game. I don't know if ice tilt is real, my guess is to some degree, momentum is real and impacts outcomes. Why? Well when someone scores on 6 straight shots against me, I…
  • I had a 2 day stretch where the game was unplayable. Unplayable in I wasn't able to influence the outcome. My players would do their own thing. The delay was over a second. I had a game where my ping was 150 and spikes to 388. I live just outside Philadelphia. Our Internet isn't THE top of the line, but it's second in…
  • Precicely. Going 6-1-1 is meaningless. But two of my games were unplayable and the game I lost in OT was one of them. The other I gave up on, as I was hitting 388 and averaging almost 150 ping. So for me, I'm done competitive seasons. [Socair - edited quote]
  • In terms of HUT, EA done alot of turnover. Not always the best thought out, but this year is light years ahead of last year where the market was flooded with oodles of everything. The HUT legends are great except they went a little over the top with some of the ratings. Probably should have lowered the synergies and…
  • As someone: who has played this franchise when the games came in a cardboard box, who has been a 4x top 100 club player, as someone who tosses $300 for HUT content because now I can't play 5 hours a day, and I've seen every incantation of what the game can be, right now your game sucks. It's the worst it's been and it's…
  • I like the idea of reducing effectiveness and / or increasing penalty frequency on repeated actions. Even a .5% increase per event would be ideal. What are the main issues the community tends to harp on year after year. Short side glitch goals. Stick lift x infinty. Backskate. Poke checks. Frankly any unrealistic event…
  • A few frustrating issues I've been having. Goals that actually don't go in the net. It's frustrating to have a puck hit the crossbar, go over the net and bounce on the ice, and be ruled a goal. Or bounce off the bar straight away toward center ice and be a goal. Also, when a player is 6 feet offsides and gets that…
  • I have seen alot of this in HUT. Eashl feels okay reasonably balanced. I can use different builds again. But HUT has been really bad with the stick lifts running through 4 defenders, bouncy wierdness. I seem to score a goal a game on myself. But truthfully at the end of the day, I knew this (set up) this was the lesser of…
  • Perhaps it's the competition or the tuner, but it's glitch short side and spam sticklift en masse ( HUT ). Chel was solid though.
  • I'm outside Philly and have 450+ mbps and ping usually 11 or 12. Gameplay has been really rough the last 24 hours. I'm barely getting half a move off on breakaways at times and my All-star Connor McDavid may as well be Ronald McDonald on skates. Both HUT and chel are muddy.
  • I too will hold out hope for something better... To address the timer expiring and info available on Reddit: There was a message on this forum somewhere that stress Evo would be an "event" and many people took that as singular. Which it was. And it was reposted on Reddit and analyzed. But it was all theory. In prior years…
  • I honestly assumed that the Evo set would be an option again or else I would have cashed them in. And frankly every year EA does a re-release during the year. So I confidently assumed I woukd get use from them. And at worse, I just figured they would have a half decent Sun set. Perhaps 2 Evos for a gol pack or something.…
  • This sounds like a very well orchestrated tuner. I'm looking forward to good gameplay. Some adaptation will be needed from players, but this sure seems like the developers did their homework

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