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  • same for all of our guys here in eashl on the west coast.....we used to have lag or slow connections 1 out of 50 games. now its 1 in 3.......we have all decided not to buy the next installment because of this disaster. this game is a bigger mess than nhl 15.
  • thanks for all the insight here guys. keep this going. id love to see some of you guys out there that are up on tech. i would like to the IT guys chime in on this. i just think it is completely offensive for 80 dollars we cannot have a product that functions the way it is advertised. would be nice to see others insights to…
  • happens to us all the time. we have played almost 500 games as a club. ill bet we have lost 75-100 games to this point. its funny though, rarely happens when we loose. happens 95% of the time when we win. i know some of these are people glitching it out somehow.
  • pre orders. thats how this happens
  • i dont believe it cogs. i understand your relaying what they said, my experience has been different....every game is now a slug show when i rarely had problems before. its now like 1 out of 5 games my guy feels like hes not in mud in eashl. it used to feel like that 1 out of 10 games the other way before this patch. its…
  • hockey iq and defensive awareness are the two you want for eashl and i think all the other modes but not 100% on those......or just pick an AI player.....they only have to be with in half the rink to nudge u from behind or take their 38 foot stick and stick lift you.....or chase the fastest player on the ice down from 50…
  • it happened to our team also. 2 nights ago....he is no full of it. cost us two goals and the game in the last 3 minutes. it can be done
  • they dont seem to understand when a defender is behind the puck carrier he is beat. most times in any situation in hockey at any decent level, when a guy behind the puck carrier gets to the puck, generally its an illegal move that causes it and a penalty.......not here though. its better off to be behind the player.........
  • agreed buddy. ive been playing it since the game came out. worst year since it began
  • i have reported players for this, i have reported players for stat erasing in eashl......nothing has ever been done. then they wonder why they have disgruntled consumers.
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