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  • This perfectly explains how I’ve felt the past few years with this company and game. I’ve resorted to only being able to play offline against ai but even that is barely playable half the time because of the awful programming. I think all these issues stem from EA making a hockey game directed towards people who have never…
  • I know it’s awful. This whole generation has been a waste. So much potential but I think the game, especially all the features that don’t exist and lacklustre effort in the game modes feels even more previous gen than the games on old gen felt. Obviously the game play is way smoother and there are a few things you can do…
  • When you back is turned to the puck you shouldn’t be able to pick it off. Why do players have eyes on the back of their heads. EA didn’t even test this game. I’d gladly test it for them if it means that garbage nhl games didn’t get released every year.
  • As long as EA is making money through HUT and they update one game mode every year or two they see the game as a success. The bugs that get brought up to them don’t get fixed and build year after year. I know last year I brought up like 20 bugs/glitches or bad ai programming or even plays that never happen in the game of…
  • I’m so happy that the forcefields have been in the game for the past 10 years. It’s the only thing that actually stayed from the previous gen. It’s ridiculous the EA hasn’t made it harder to bump people off the puck, especially when you correctly and properly angle them into the boards and pinch them off just for you to…
  • The developers won’t address this. They don’t have the time and can’t be bothered with stuff like this apparently. Even though EA has claimed ice tilt doesn’t exist in the past no one believes them because of the way the game plays out. You could have a star studded 95OVR team with a 97 goalie but he’d get sniped on and…
  • A company that doesn’t ignore an entire game mode since they severely downgraded said game mode 6 years ago would be amazing to see. Or one that understands the game of hockey and how it is played and the rules. And your first point is definitely one that every company should have, especially the million dollar ones like EA
  • I do agree with a few of those points, it’s nice that shots from anywhere have any random chance of going in and for the most part it doesn’t feel unfair. I feel opposite on your first and last point though, I can only play the games against ai anymore because that’s the only time it feels like hockey to me, especially in…
  • This just goes to show how little EA cares. You’d think something small like that they’d get, especially if it was in the game years prior. They can’t get the fans chants right for some teams for some reason either.
  • This would be fun to add back to the game as well. Play out your favourite players career or a promising stars. Or even try to recreate the career Gretzky or Lemieux had or something like that would be really fun too.
  • They haven’t touched the mode in 7 years. It’s stale and still feels like old gen, but is still the only playable mode for me anymore. They need to change it up next year or all hell will break lose. Add back player team and fan relationships. Add in contract negotiations (I’m at least a 120 point player on superstar in…
  • I have a question to anyone who works for EA; when will you guys release a game that actually represents a game of hockey, not only in the stats but the way it plays as well. Gameplay where you actually have to wear down the other team with chances, or actually move the puck around to find holes in the defence instead of…
  • I know it’s really frustrating. It shouldn’t be a struggle to get gameplay to match real life hockey gameplay especially if you only control one player, but EA does absolutely nothing to try bringing that experience to us they think their game plays well. All these 11-9 baseball scores.
  • Yup gotta love that. I also hate how the ai has no urgency getting the puck up the ice. They will wait for the passing lane to disappear before they pass and if you call for it they will put it on your tape, a lot of the time causing it to get intercepted because there’s a cluster of people in the N zone. They should pass…
  • That’s the only way I can play this game anymore. But even then there’s animation problems, ai intelligence issues, and a load of other problems that just ruin the experience fully.
  • I honestly can’t help but think that’s because of EA partly. Obviously yea hockey isn’t as big world wide but it’s still pretty big in North America, especially Canada. They really shouldn’t have much of a problem selling as long as their game resembles the way hockey plays. Which it only really does if you play against ai…
  • I agree with this I’ve been saying it for a while now. When 2k and a few other smaller companies were making the games EA listened, EA improved, now we’re pretty much at their mercy and they really aren’t going gentle on us either.

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