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  • Copy and paste. Add one or two new improvements. Sell for $79.99. Repeat as long as you keep making money. EA will never stop this trend that’s why I finally pulled the plug and didn’t buy it. Waste of $80 for a game I already had.
  • This one is an absolute must change!! I’m the first line, first unit PP, we are at least 40% on it when I’m out there and there is still power plays that I’m not out there for and it sims right through. Like what’s the point of being the first PP unit it’s extremely frustrating. Please EA say something about this stop…
  • That is a good one to add, stuff like that happens a lot playing as a forward because they’re not aways involved in the defensive play but playing as a d man it should never happen you’re right.
  • Also something to change for be a pro goalie careers; if you get pulled in a game you have to sit there and watch at least the rest of the period. You can’t even pause the game let alone simulate it. I’d love to hear some feedback or something because this mode really needs changes.
  • This is my biggest complaint about the game, and why I can only play against AI anymore. Curling around as one player until you can squeak into the slot and cheese the goalie is more like lacrosse than hockey. I bet none of those finalists have ever played hockey. I think the biggest **** off is it seems EA encourages that…
  • EA will just tell you it’s your connection problem. They’ll never take fault for their servers that 70% of people have trouble connecting to.
  • EA must protect their streamers because the few of them that are out there and their followers are actually the only few publicly supporting the game. The couple YouTubers I actually watch don’t like the game and surprise surprise EA doesn’t listen or even really acknowledge them.
  • Too bad the only mode to ever change for the better offline is Franchise. Be a pro lost some simple, yet very helpful features from 18-19 (line change alert near your stamina so you can see you need to change wherever you are, shot counter in simming screen was handy I could tell if I needed to be taking more shots without…
  • Probably not, I mean EA hasn’t seemed to do anything to the arenas since NHL16 when they made them all “authentic” There’s fans that have the wrong chant for their team, the predators have the same growl the panthers do after scoring which isn’t a thing so I don’t know why it still is? Personally it’d be great if they took…
  • I’m soooo happy this is a thing for the third consecutive year. This sole thing happening in EASHL and Be a Pro is why I decided not to waste another $80 buying NHL 20. I’m assuming since they do this in threes they will also try to be a forward on a 5 on 3 pk. Because that was a huge issue for me last year, was the…
  • Empty promises. They said this would be fixed this year. They also said goalie and slight ai improvements. Apparently those are the worst they’ve ever been this year.
  • It’s sad that EA SPORTS wants the game to be played like that. How often are there actually 13 goals scored in a hockey game? At professional levels it happens a few times a season. If what you say is true about goalies being worse than there’s no hope left for this franchise in my eyes. Sure people will still spend $900…
  • Yup that’s also what I decided I’d do, if I even end up buying this garbage it’ll be no more than $40 because I’m my opinion that’s what the game is worth. Especially when they only add new features in two modes besides hut (which is the only one consistently getting changes and upgrades)
  • I know it’s absolutely disgusting. The only game mode they change after launch is HUT, even if there’s bugs in other game modes. Why? Because their precious twitch streamers always need new content. I can’t believe how much this series has slipped. It’s honestly disgraceful to the game of hockey, especially the way the ai…
  • It’s sad that the old gen games, which played way more fast paced and arcady, were way closer to an actual hockey game than any of the last 5 games have been. Playing hockey as a player my whole life and then playing this game just makes me super sad especially when looking at the other sports games EA makes. Why do we get…
  • It would be great to see them re add the crowds booing. I recently went back and played the gem that was NHL 12 and was surprised to hear them boo my player and the commentator actually commented on that too, I totally forgot that was a thing. The way they are now they sound like a baseball crowd.

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