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  • I’m confused by this post lmao. Are you saying that Detroit is the only team you can use in franchise mode? Or are you wanting the ability to switch teams with franchise mode mid season?
  • Would definitely love to see better crowds. They are so stale now and act the same in pre season as they do for game 7 of the cup finals. It’s pitiful at best. One thing for me that would make the game a bit more enjoyable is if they had more presentation again. Add back the teams coming down the tunnel and through their…
  • What really bugs me is that fact that EA comes here and reads all the complaints we have about the game but doesn’t do anything about it except edit our posts to remove words 6 year olds classify as swears. Every year I’ve had the same complaints about gameplay, ai, and presentation and the complaints just get worse every…
  • I can’t even use that, it’s still way to distraction for me lol. The only one I ever have turned on is feedback hints, mainly so I can see how much exp I get when playing be a pro.
  • I don’t understand why they put the scoreboard on the bottom. I’ve never seen it on the bottom on tv ever before, every broadcast has it either top middle or top left. It frustrates me that they advertise that their games are authentic yet they do stuff like this that just makes it silly. If it was exactly the same just on…
  • Yea I meant the on ice trainer I just forgot to put in trainer lmao
  • One thing I forgot to mention as well is in be a pro it seems when I pass to an open teammate in the offensive zone, 90% of the time he will instantly pass it back to me, even though I have two d men on me, instead of trying to move it around the zone.
  • There definitely is potential, as I said the ai used to be really good and never used to always default to a dump around the boards play. But yet they’ve dumbed the ai down so much they can’t tell when they have an empty net, so on defence they still give up the neutral zone up and let a free shot on the open net.
  • There used to be 2k NHL on the App Store it was amazing lmao.
  • The AI really needs an upgrade in their awareness. It really really disappointed me to hear their AI isn’t getting an upgrade in NHL 20. The way it stands currently they are out their looking like Atom players at their best. They don’t make any effort to hold the line on dump outs on the power play, they let it come to…
  • I didn’t necessarily mean they have no presence in the game. I meant they aren’t as good at creating goals and chances as some of the other “non hockey plays” a lot of people pull in the offensive zone. Specifically when players just curl in the corner until they can cross crease or snipe it short side on the goalie. Yea…
  • I have heard that, but none of the last gen games EA made had exceptional gameplay yet those games were way better than what they put out nowadays. The things I was impressed about 2k10 was that hockey plays like cycling in the offensive zone, drop passes entering the zone etc that doesn’t have any presence in EAs games.
  • Yes so much to this buffalo set. These jerseys were so great to use in NHL 07. I’d also appreciate the year of the horse Calgary jerseys and a lot more of the old vintage jerseys like Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Boston among others.
  • It really is sad to see, I just watched this video earlier today and had the exact same complaints. The 2k games 10 years ago played more closely to hockey than the “realistic simulation” EA NHL tries to be. Unfortunately EA doesn’t do it right and it feels the game is more directed towards players who have never laced up…
  • I’ve been saying it since NHL 16, the teams goalies never play evenly. I understand that every goalie plays differently but in the end all these goalies are nhl goalies and they all should have some sort of goaltending sense. But it seems like one goalie is always caught out of position easily, never tries making…
  • It’s because all of the “elite” players who have never played a game of real hockey in their life complained that the goalies were too hard to score on. The goaltending is awful I fully agree, you need to be in 120% perfect position every single play or your goalie is just going to get cheesed with those high glove shots…
  • I love that haha. You’re not wrong that’s why I think it needs improving, timing should be almost everything when it comes to the draws. Even though that’s not the case in real life, they should accept they won’t get it exactly like real life in every aspect.
  • It’s not so much I want huge drastic changes, I want them to bring back the stuff they’ve removed, and start fixing annoying little glitches like the ai skating into the back of the net or into the boards and losing the puck. Yes gameplay and skating improved over 18 but as far as I’m concerned, the ais hockey sense went…
  • Timing definitely should be key, but it just feels like Rock Paper Scissors most of the time to be honest.

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