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  • 16 doesnt play like 20. I own digital downloads of 14-20 and 20 plays better then all previous interations. Nostalgia is a tricky thing but if you actually boot and up play the old versions they dont hold up well. And a lot of your points could be applied to most major yearly released games, specifically sports games.
  • Still doesnt mean the product put forth would be in a better state. But we got it, you hate hut. Doesnt mean your opinion is correct.
  • It could be worse without hut, it could be better. Who knows, none of us could possibly answer that question. Imo the game would have less of a player base without hut and the game would generate less income meaning less man power to work on said game. Every sports game has a microtransaction mode. Nba2k which…
  • Eashl has had the most work done to it the last two years. Hut has also had some nice f2p changes to it for the better.
  • I have 66-11-99 on my top line and no 80-87 is outskating them. The only card I've seen blow by one of them is the 89 mcdavid...and I'm ok with that because that card is a sick card. The ai does dumb stuff, but my top rated cards are not being outskated, and their puck retention and shots are top notch. Are you sure you…
  • Yeah I have it on off but the camera is still messed up. Not sure how else to fix.
  • The zone camera is messed up. Please revert it back, it's really hard to use this camera now.
  • Yeah, I guess I lowballed a bit but I'll rag superstar cpu if I'm up to lessen the whistles. Anyways the time investment for the rewards makes the mode super attractive for a no money team. The elite 1 rewards give so many packs and players. I got tired of cpu so I took a break from it but the awards for points accumulated…
  • Ita 4 games a day, weekends is 8. 4 games does not take 5 hours, hour maybe. I work a 60 hour work week and found time to hit elite 1 the first few weeks until I had a team. Now I cycle comp seasons for packs. Man for someone who craps on the mode you arnt getting the most out of it in a free to play sense.
  • That's where the icon collectables come in. Got lemuix and halfway to gretz. I could of gotten a bunch of 88s instead but my pack luck has been good so I'm happy to grind for 99. Special cards will always be at a premium but untradable icons was a smart move. Just wish we could reroll them in case we get duplicates.
  • So more free stuff then ever but they are making you open your wallet??? Sounds like a you problem if you can dedicate the time to get free stuff my man. Still doesnt mean you have to open your wallet with how cheap the market is this year. But hey, ea bad right?
  • The rewards from CS, and squad battles make getting the icons super easy. You get more now then you ever did. They adjusted the way you earn rewards so players cant farm on multiple accounts. And a different opinion doesnt make us ea defenders, we can look at the facts and why things are done and understand without hate or…
  • Just use the rocket league model. Option to forfeit at 3:30, if you abandon match 5 minute ban. I bet that would curb a lot of the nonsense.
  • -lt abuse needs a nerf. Can be defended but not really true to hockey and is pretty annoying to play against -player switching is wonky. Still would like a button map for players so we can pick exactly who we want without fail -teammate getting back on sides doesnt work right. They often get stuck on the other team or they…
  • I was being sarcastic, but actually curious to see someone shut down an lter majority of the game. It's pretty challanging with how easy the offense player can keep the puck most of the time especially in 3s with all the open ice.
  • Could you post us a period of gameplay for educational purposes?
  • I switched from ps4 to xbox this year for nhl and the low speeds hits are much "better" on xbox. The bubble is more prevalent on ps4 for whatever reason. Defense works better on xbox, still not perfect, but noticeably different especially against players that like to rag.
  • Yeah would definitely not want to see him make contact on that one.
  • Well that's not true, they have spoke in detail on this for multiple years. I'm paraphrasing but they are trying to find the right blend of control because a player in rl can move their stick in ways you cant program in a game. They have done opposite extremes in testing and found it sticks cant go thru anything it will…
  • I'd say sell for coins but his card is a beast. Easily my best scorer.

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