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  • I totally agree with the menus. How the heck are the menus exactly the same as last year? One of the most complained thing in nhl19 beta was the menus slowness and still nothing was done about them on release. Yet the menu is still super slow and has multiple "are you sure you´re ready?" buttons. Way too many times I find…
  • I have suggestion/question about goal songs. Could you guys make it possible to make and deside a custom goal horn and song for your HUT team and secondly what happened to the goal songs of real nhl teams? If you make a game called NHL there's no excuse for missing goal songs. There absolutely has to be realistic goal…
  • The thing I find most annoying at 1 division is that there's also more players who exploit the "goalie pull glitch". They just start repeatedly pull their goalie and shooting the puck off ice getting delay of game penalties. It causes the game to crash and in the stats is as if that game never happened, no win or lose.…
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