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  • It is known as the best because it has some of the greatest danglers, physicality, passers, and defensiveman in the game. Currently, the game makes it so people don't have to have any individual skill under the pretext of team play. There are generally people better than you, smarter than you, and have the ability to…
  • If a defenseman can sit in front of the net and stop a person attacking the net without even pressing a button, how exactly is that defense? If casual players want to be rewarded for doing nothing just watch a movie. I played a team last night that had their whole team in front of the net and they were able to block shots…
  • Apparently, you have not accounted for the lack of ability for forwards to create separation from the defenseman. The biggest reason forwards are forced to abuse the LT is because the lb dekes are not effective, and the defenseman is able to do less and accomplish more. Being proactive is not allowed, which means people,…
  • So, you are telling me that it is fair for defense to stand in one place, get beat and bump the forward from behind. The best part is when a goalie is deep in his net and makes a glove save across the net. Sorry but nhl 19 favors players who want to trap, collapse and grind out wins. I believe that right now this game…
  • Even if you got rid of the puck, you would have lost it. Watch the clip again and look towards the left side. I never said you were not good, what I did say is that you played a dumb opponent. The dump play worked because of the player lack of common sense, he sat back and waited for 2 seconds before trying to retrieve the…
  • Nope, if you were playing someone who understood how to setup the ai, and used the tools properly, you would not have made it that far. He is being passive at 0.03. If he was smart he would have stepped up on you at the line instead of intiating the defensive stick. Dumping the puck does not work because of the speed of…
  • The first clip was not creative at all but okay. What is the point to have lb dekes in the game when they don't work or take too long. The second clip, where is the creativity? Did you attempt two or three passes to confuses the defenseman? All I saw is the opponent backing up being passive and allowing you to do your…
  • 0.03 player runs for a hit and takes 5 strides. Apparently, people want realism, where is the charging call or attempt to injure? People want realistic gameplay, so why does the hitting button auto lock hits, there is no timing at all. Right now the games great if you are chasing a guy down, no spacing or body positioning…
  • going to start putting clips that irritate me @SpillGal https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/epicxowned/video/63978619
  • https://xboxclips.com/gundamfreedomx/a71e6867-80a5-490d-8e7c-9d521e98c20b I am one of the few people that hate the loose puck bouncy puck physics, high collisions, and bumps. This game forces people to play the trap, shoot shots from bad angles to trigger animations, it allows for no individual skill in deking and is…
  • I agree, the game has become more about getting beat, holding your right stick up to get the checking animations and chasing a guy around the ice. If you try to create space or separation do not bother, they can stick their stick through your legs and get the puck. [Removed call out]
  • Honestly, this tuner is going to make this game boring to me. I might welcome the increased speed, but I never liked the bumps from behind initiated by 5'7 players or the high body/ skate collisions. Funny thing is, I have always adjusted to the state of the game, why cannot people on this forum do the same?
  • It would be nice to not be at a disadvantage every single game. I support this idea and love the love for the little guys.
  • The only thing I had a problem with was the bumping from behind when the dman got beat.
  • You know that the stick and skate collisions are high, that means skillzoning still works when the ai are chasing the puck carrier.
  • I had problems with the bumping from behind. That is the one change Ea fixed in my book, now all they need to do is increase the game speed.
  • Really? Are you complaining about the forward using the only tool that actually works in the game. It is called staying with your guy, not one button steal the puck. Sorry hits in real life take players out of the game, I guess you want him to skate straight into you and lose the puck. pfff Get better at the game instead…

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