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  • Hi all, There was a massive DRE issue in Finland after the latest PS update. Connections from one of the major ISP were unable to join EASHL games. Players were calling out the ISP tech people and after getting their attention, together they were able to troubleshoot the issue between the players, isp and EA in just two…
  • Dre is back In full force tonight In Europe
  • I disagree. Its not hard to stop poking from bad angles. Ive played many games in a row without tripping calls. Other penalties sure, but no tripping. Just block lanes with dss and stop poking towards the puck carrier from bad angles.
  • https://twitter.com/TheFlopFish/status/1093240068557291522?s=19
  • They can't specify exact locations because of security. My guess is the netherlands for Central Europe
  • You have to take the fact that hockey is a niche sport outside NA and northern parts of Europe(I know, I know, Germany and other neighbouring countries as well) into account. Thats why there will never be even close amounts of sales compared to Fifa or Madden. Therefore the devs have less resources and budget to use. Thats…
  • We just started European league too. Will be interesting to see if it drops in the middle of regular season
  • What happened today??? I haven't had DRE issue since first week of release. Now I can't get into any game anymore
  • I can confirm this. Also based in Europe and this problem started after latest update. I've had this happen three times over the weekend. Twice on the same day. Before the update this hasn't been a problem. Sigh...
  • Great for you, buddy. Doesn't still mean there isn't a fundementally broken gamemode in this game I paid hard earned money for the full price and then some.
  • I'm not seeing any mentions of Dressing Room error addressed. This is starting to get hilarious. Our club games 6vs6 has been consisting of three same opponents for the past three weeks because of this. Club challenge is useless if you can't get into the game
  • It's the combination of hardware manufacturers software, psn networking and nhl19 code thats causing the error. Xbox live most likely handles tcp connections differently
  • I believe this has something to do with the fact that last spring something happened with NHL 18 too. When playing dropins or club eashl games the first game would work fine but the next game had all the player names displayed as Loading or - in the dressing room. Before that I had no problems displaying psn or playernames…
  • Maybe it has something to do with hardware compatibility? I had this problem in beta with my routing modem. After I switched my Cisco cable modem to bridge mode and attached it to separate router everything started working. Only way I could play with old setup was to restart the game after every match
  • This is definately a buy it or leave it situation. During beta there was so much freezing and error code situations during eashl matchmaking it couldn't have been missed by the devs. Come the 14th and day one patch we'll see if they've invested any resources to this problem. I'm worried. Just when the gameplay was going to…
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