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  • Ill go to your blueline make you think im rushing and turn back to negate the delay of game and were back to square one. They need to eliminate the glitch goals from glitch spots and add realism when a guy gets hit while shielding the puck. You are all looking at the wrong things.
  • It has been a joy watching people steam while i rag. A joy !!! This is how i get satisfaction when people who play me use the same spots or dekes to glitch goal or hit my players after the whistle...which is also a penalty. You wanna rub it in go ahead im good enough to defend any glitch goal and I Love Ragging against…
  • There are two ways a d-man can play d..hit and poke with occasional stick lifts. If we cant do these things how can we compete and call it hockey ? Find a way to make it a game without spamming poke problem like the old days. No one wants to spend most of the game in the box .
  • I agree with all of you in this post ! Im staying on 19 at least its better than what 20 sounds like. We dont have a good team making the game so were stuck with frustration and mediocrity. Its how it goes i guess ! Such a shame !
  • Hey while your at it how about fix the passing too. Worst passing ever this year.
  • Lets hope...i want a better hockey game. 1.Remove glitch goals from set spots 2. Stick lift overpowered..im not into fencing or sword fighting 3. Decrease poke check penalties when it has nothing to do with opponents feet 4. Improve balance/hitting where its not impossible to move oppponents off the puck when they shield…
  • Lmao...good luck with that...dont wait by the door lol....anything that takes away from hut loses them money....incase you havent noticed its a $$$ world nowadays. People laughed when someone said 30 years ago that we will have to pay for water !
  • Its too bad nhl dosent get the same attention as madden and fifa. Hockey is great. I would pre order super early if mlb the show game makers were making the game though. Guys lets not forget the beta we played for 19 is not the current gameplay. ....so even if you try out the beta you might end up with an updated rosters…
  • I played pro 20 years ago and love video games still. This is not real hockey simulation i can assure you. The problem is casual fans watch tsn highlights and they think ovechkin and crosby can do that every rush. . Then they watch a full game and realize itheir not as exciting so they figure their having a bad…
  • Guys take a breather...step back...now be happy....all the glitchers move on to the new game before most....meaning you can play nhl 19 mostly glitch free and enjoy the game more...this is a blessing that you will be able to enjoy nhl 19 finally.....i dont know why people rush to buy the new title on opening day...i always…
  • People keep saying its connection based for accuracy...i really dont know. ..all i know is this game is so inconsistent and needs alot of improvement and i have 700 hut wins. The only thing making me happy right now is 97 bishop and 99 tuukka rask..finally some consistent goalies that make saves and dont give up hardly any…
  • Well then let the elite streamers buy the game and thats it. Either they cater to the majority or take a hit.
  • It should be somewhat similar more options so u can actually be happy with who you put on your team. And contracts are the most annoying thing in the world. Why are they still there ?
  • I agree that the game lets in weak goals after people outplay opponents more frequent than i would like or accept No doubt ! However, as far as your video goes thats not what i meant. Thats a combination of bad defence on your part mostly. Im talkin about weak backhand wristers without momentum etc on good goalies.
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