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  • So, you cant edit the generated prospect in Franchise mode. This is going to make creating prospects pointless if you have all these fakes in there. Please address this, no fake players please.
  • Please please get rid of the silhouettes that mar every created player. Your be a pro will have an avatar for their profile pics, so it should be the same for everyone without a licensed photo. Will this mean we can edit the AI generated prospects too? I don't want to see any more Joey McNuggets from North Korea.
  • I can't believe that they still have the terrible silhouettes for players without photos in. Why can't you default them to their avatar like you do for your Be a Pro?
  • Have to wait to play it, didn't really play last year, I kind of like NHL 20. Compared with how terrible NHL 15 was I think we are in a much better place, although the NHL series has fallen off quite a lot when compared to Xbox 360 generation. I know most Gamers are negative about everything anymore especially when it…
  • What happened to Malkin? Wonder how many good scan faces there will be. And can we finally get rid of blank silhouettes for players without a licensed profile pic?
  • A dev team who actually likes the NHL and cares about making the game somewhat replicate the league, its media presentation, and how the game is played on the ice. No more gimmick online modes make the game reflect the NHL! Add more licenses, National teams, Juniors, USHL, Swedish Juniors, Russia! A massive improvement to…
  • They basically did the terrible story mode they had in FIFA and Madden, but with less story. You are playing on rails and must fit the pre-arranged narrative. Exactly the wrong thing we wanted. Thanks but no thanks EA. Hard pass on buying the game.
  • It's a mistake if there isn't an option to play proper full junior seasons, or play a full season in Europe or Junior after your draft year depending on your draft year growth.
  • Doubt that the be a pro cut scenes for the draft and season awards will show up in franchise, but they should. There needs to be better presentation in franchise, especially for those two postseason events.
  • Nothing wrong with appealing to kids and trying to find new buyers, but it shouldn't come at the expense of making the best representation of the NHL, which they are not doing.
  • Will the AI still be able to pull off tape to tape to tape to tape to tape passes? Will the puck still get sucked from your stick to the AI stick back and forth over and over with never a loose puck?
  • You have Ovi on the cover, and talk about his path to the top, plus you are improving Be a pro and emphasizing the expanded paths to the NHl, but it's unlikely you are going to be able to play in Russia or for the Russian national team. Missed opportunity.
  • Every league in the game needs to be integrated into the league. Even if we couldn't do a franchise mode with the SHL, we should at least see the league in there and have players come in go from those leagues. You'd have to have a teared system and rules about foreign players to not mess it up too much. At minimum the ECHL…
  • 1. The game must come to next gen and the graphics must be much improved. 2. No new gimmick modes focus on the core improvements to gameplay and presentation for the NHL in particular. 3. Better positional awareness for the AI, no drifting backwards out of the offensive zone off of a faceoff and no insane puck chasing on…
  • Would be nice if EA could give a little more effort for European teams. Like be able to use them in Franchise mode for one. Actually get roster updates, player photos ect done with a little more speed. Would be nice to have other languages available too.
  • Seriously this is the weakest post launch effort I've ever seen for this game. So tired of how this company treats offline players and the sport.
  • I never ever play online, I don't enjoy it in any video game, I only play offline and I mostly enjoy this game, but... Why do AI D players chase so much? There is so little discipline to stay with a man or a zone. Never ever have two or more defenders bellow the blue line. Don't double up unless instructed. Why would a d…
  • Personally I think it is the best of the generation, which should always be the case, but don't like that has been true for some games like 19 in particular. I like that there are different ways to score. I've even had goals on the break away and through the five hole which never happened. Still big problems with AI…
  • Not everyone who played in the NHL has joined the Alumni association. Does no one realize this?
  • Is there a way to get the screen width reduced? It is not possible to see left or right edge for some reason.
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