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  • There has been a set in the NOH sets for a gold collectible which takes 9. I'm not sure if their gonna release anything else for the collectibles.
  • @EA_Aljo When you lose connection to xbox live it immediately signs you out and comes across your screen. I don't see much room for exploitation in a game mode where it's literally, a combination of a little luck (opponent refresh values), and a whole lot of time actually playing the games and meeting the minimum standards…
  • The more I think about it I'm not even sure how exploitation would be an issue in a game mode where people already say it's too many games or too short of time to refresh on the weekends. The 'possible' points are at random anyway so again I'm not sure how there would be much room for exploitation there.
  • @boumbidiboum @EA_Aljo Ok so no for exploitation.. with the exception of the squad of the week you can replay all the games once for 500 coins. I understand if you quit out or dont get the 5 goal win, 20 shots etc you're going to replay depending on your competitiveness. So ya sure a limit. Neither of you really answered…
  • @EA_Blueberry It's happened to me a handful of times.. player gets hit with puck and is hurt going to the bench. The player just circles either right between the benches at the redline or depending on the period right by the bench and the blue line... Each time its happened to me not only am I shorthanded til I get the…
  • Even if there was some kind of mercy rule, like in youth hockey tournaments for instance, if a team is up by 6, it goes to run time..
  • @boumbidiboum Fantasy was a typo I started this wondering about the toty cards upgrading based on the allstar cards/event
  • @boumbidiboum I just look at say Eric Staal. Fantasy is 92 over All star is 88. If he gets 5 goals in the allstar games he'd be a 93 in both ?
  • I was lookin at the loop.. like it's not a new card so it wouldn't upgrade kinda thing. Makes sense. See what happens
  • @Z0mbieBabyJesus There was 2 right defenseman 🤣 @YZ19 That's probably a good thing for online until they update it... noone will know if it's the toty or any ovi card
  • Offline (xb1) 'A' button between whistles. Intermissions, right when the highlight starts press start, resume and its gone. End of the game you can immediately press start, resume and its gone
  • To me it's amazing EA said 1 player per position.... then didn't follow thru with it
  • Offline hut I dont get any short videos except in between periods which you wait for the 'highlight' thing to start.... press start... resume and it takes you to the intermission menu..... as soon as the game is over you can just press start and resume and it will be over. Any other crap in between whistles you can pretty…
  • Online you can press A button 20x but if the other person your playing doesnt press it you're gonna watch all the replays. The only time A comes up is for a goal review and you press and hold that until the circle fills up to skip
  • In offline, in the first and second intermission as soon as the 'play of the period" thing starts you can pause then resume and it skips it. Then after the game ends you can pause it as soon as it's over and resume it and it skips the replay. Online all the replays are annoying if you're winning let alone losing from…
  • @OprtnShtdwn They used to have 'line/team chemistry' they took it out and replaced it with the synergies.. IMO they took out alot of almost hockey things tuned em and whatever and replaced them with crap deflectors (masks, haircuts, hats, etc)
  • Interesting. Some questionable nominees or non-nominees players and tendies but I guess that's the _ _ logic
  • If it's random how does every NHL team at the least, not get one nominee.
  • You basically just said the card was worthless as did I. There was a nolan patrick swap earlier in the year if I remember right so I was kind of surprised they didnt do one for zadina as soon as he didnt make the nhl cut let alone their standings.
  • 93 overall team 92 ovi. 95 crosby. 95 datsyuk 90 lafleur. 94 barkov. 92 backstrom 89 laine. 93 zetterberg. 92 jagr 91 lemieux. 90 toews. 91 petterson 87 chiesa. 91 sergachev 88 ristolainen. 90 muzzin 88 honka. 93 chara 86 hovinen. 86 markstrom WC. SP. FB. 1T. TN. AD. CP. BL. HH.

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