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  • Very few people care whether the player is actually Bobby Hull or not. But I can only assume a good majority of people started adding their saved collectibles because it was a 96 LW. So just create a tier 5 with a 96 LW that isn't Bobby Hull and most people will be happy and let us know what's going on EA. Doesn't take a…
  • But then again, they still haven't got around to adding online franchises back in since the PS3 version either.
  • Pulling Bobby Hull because of his personal issues doesn't bother me I suppose. But I've been collecting these monthly collectibles for a 96 LW that was promised. I don't care if the 96 LW is Hull or not..It isn't hard to change it. Don't be lazy EA.
  • The Tier 5 for March Collectibles which was / is the 96 Bobbie Hull disappeared for me. I'm not done with tier 4 yet so I'm not too worried yet, but I've never seen it disappear before.
  • I was thinking it was going to be nice to get something other than a center and then this ...really?
  • This is bull EA.
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