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  • I get what you are saying but if you are honest about it you know that in a real NHL game that if a player burns past a defender facing him that is either not moving or barely moving that offensive player is going to complete that breakaway 85-90% o…
  • The final was 7-6 me. I had 13 shots he had 10. Look at those numbers. Pathetic. We actually both played really well defensively and every goal was lame. I had 2 short handed goals just by stepping over the line and shooting lol
  • Lol. I just played a game and I scored on my first 3 shots my opponent scored on his first two shots. The end of the first was 4-3 me shots 6 me 5 my opponent. This happens all the time
  • Took the no trade packs. Scored 89 team of the week Petterson and 89 Heavy Hitter Ovechkin. Already had Ovie so my sellable one is going up
  • No offense but do you bother reading anything before you comment? If you did you would know I didn’t post that the game decides who’s going to win in the first 5 minutes....I posted you can tell within the first 5 minutes how your game is going to g…
  • I’ve tried them all they are all pathetic. It’s the AI it’s terrible.
  • I don’t believe In DDA or Ice tilt. Read my thread “How to tell in the first 5 minutes if you are going to lose”. It’s in the NHL 20 Hut section. I don’t button mash or runaround. I understand perfectly well what you are talking about and it doesn’…
  • This needs a bump....the goalies are pathetic. So sick of watching my goalie drop to his knees before the puck is even shot and leaving half the net open while remaining motionless while the puck floats in....and do they have any idea where the post…
  • I never said the AI picks a winner and I never said they should be perfect. I do believe however that they should at least play to the skill level of the card. The better the card ratings the less mistakes that AI player should make but that’s not t…
  • I have to believe you know that’s not what everyone means when they say randomness.... We’re talking about random play by your AI. Like when your goalie plays like pure garbage barely attempting to save the puck....or when your AI refuses to play t…
  • I wasn’t aware that the video game versions have good and bad days....regardless let’s not pretend it’s not a problem...way too many a defenseman facing the wrong way seems to have magic ability to turn around and close in ridiculously fast on a pla…
  • *sigh.....then why are people comparing about winning as a result of this? It’s awful wether you lose or win as a result of it. I don’t believe in DDA but I believe the horrific servers and random AI absolutely steer outcomes in a way out of user co…
  • Did they actually say “less skilled offline players” are the ones that want realistic hockey?
  • Well everybody is spot on here but I really want to focus on the main point of thread and see how the developers really view the people who play on line....how they think the majority plays, if they are ok with it, or are they looking to steer towar…
  • Actually those two things have zero to do with any of this. It’s been discussed at length and the “get good” argument simply doesn’t apply.
  • I was away....was that the first Rivals season that just ended?
  • When Dustin Byfuglien rides little Johnny Hockey into the boards and just bounces off him while Lil Johnny never loses balance and the puck stays glued to his stick.....well....yes we have a problem. Sadly it’s by design because this years game is …
  • The Dev gave a pretty good explanation but it’s still disturbing. It seems as if the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing over there. It also raises the question of what else might do nothing? Any other attributes? Any sliders, which …
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