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  • i would like to report that i have had higher success getting into games for the last two or three weeks. i still get the error pretty often but it no longer seems to have much correlation with my previous solution of closing the app after every game. i have been able to get into multiple games in a row more often lately…
  • Difference being they vehemently denied that captains lag was a real problem that existed until the end of December/early January that year, and then we finally got a fix in February. When leagues were over and the game was dead. Lol this one they have acknowledged existed, thought they had fixed twice now, promised and…
  • I tried this in the beta and it did not work. However, I tried it again just now on full release. I didn't have time to test this extensively, and the little time i did have, I spent trying Ones. After deleting user profile: 1. First Game loaded successfully (Which is normal) 2. Second Game loaded successfully (Usually…
  • the funniest part is that this exact issue existed in the beta, except in the beta it gave a very specific error code. they tweaked the error message so that it doesn't return an error code in the full release; that way nobody can say "this is the same error as the beta" and they can deny the problem existed. the fact that…
  • * Is everyone who is experiencing this issue on PS4? Yes * Does the following method work work as a workaround for everyone? - your game has ended, hit the PS button > Settings > Network > Test Connection. Once the test runs you can pop back in your NHL app and you will reconnect and be at the HUB. (If you haven't tried,…
  • big thanks to EA for their timely response to this matter, i must say im very glad that EA LIve Support tells me to come post on this forum that nobody ever looks at !!!!
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