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  • The amount of people who play this game that can't grasp the concept of finding open space is mind blowing. It's not even a hockey iq thing, just simply finding open space is open heart surgery for people, that's how bad players are able to accumulate 1000cr while doing nothing but drop ins. Cr can be fixed by making it…
  • cr went from 1100 to 850 after 4 days of playing drops, don't really care but it definately highlights how much trash is out there, and there doesn't seem to be a correlation between level and skill. What I see most often is when there are 3 p50s already loaded up those guys are scrub hunters. I recently did a drop in and…
  • The idea that a higher prestige level might produce a better experience in drops is kinda comical. May as well sacrifice a donkey before each game. It's completely random.
  • Shoot low from the point, have fwds in that crowd for tips & rebounds. Everything has a counter.
  • eashl gameplay is great
  • What arre the current terms of his contract?
  • EA would give their intellectual propery away if they had integrity???
  • The game definately rewards dexterity and hand-eye, as all games do, but moreso it rewards anticipation and knowledge. That's why some teams can hang with the best teams in the game for a period and get blown out by the 3rd. You definately have the ability to learn tendancies and exploit them. I'm not fancy with the puck,…
  • A lot of the top teams are running twd men
  • By your admission there are no safe spaces aside from eashl, which provides a safe space for people to drop the n bomb. In "real life" where there are no safe spaces for hate speech people have to whisper that kind of talk in their homes. In the rw where there are no safe spaces for racists the n word gets you popped in…
  • I think its good that day 1 can compete, and I really didn't like the grind to Legend 3 based on grades. I remember having to care more about my grades than winning games for a while. I also like that you see some good teams with players who are >P350 when in the past if you weren't Legend you were at a huge disadvantage.…
  • I was against the rollback, I was wrong, game is solid. I agree the current tuner has created a real skill gap, people have different play styles with varying success. Home run.
  • In-game changes with no effect on stamina, only I agree with this and I don't see switching the entire team for Enforces to be part of a downside, to me that's an upside.
  • I think the different builds you saw during the rollback were players trying to feel the game out, builds that were go-tos no longer worked or didn't translate in the same way so there was a discovery process. I personally don't use the same build today that I used in 1.03, and during the week of the rollback I went…
  • In theory I suppose that might make sense, but in practice a guy who gets paid to play has all of his interest in keeping the status quo of being paid to play, not in the betterment of the game.
  • If you're using a small pmd/twf for speed then you're sacrificing quite a bit of physicality. I really don't like that a DD should have to be a bad skater, the idea just doesn't make sense. I'd rather have a blank slate and attributes to work with. Let me decide strengths and weaknesses.
  • I'm 60% on the year with various builds and no added trait, I think it has more to do with the connection so I'd never waste the slot. Have good timing, know which attempts give you an advantage and most importantly have a good connection. That's how it seems to shake out anyway.
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