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  • I was lucky enough to pack Mario. He is crazy good. Wrist shot is 2nd to none, best in the game so far.
  • Funny enough this happened to me just a few days ago lmao. Had no clue why I was banned. Wasn't able to sell the card until like 2 days ago
  • Was very much a beast but I got 725k for him and have other good players already anyways. Loving my pt panarin, totw Mathews, and pt Mantha line. It's beast. Also I do have regular Kuch so will probably wait as he is already crazy good. Was my first pull at the beginning of the year and he's pretty close to a 1point per…
  • Ya I'd probably unload it for like 700. Honestly probably grab that 89 primetime Kuch and sit on the other 400k until something else comes up. Probably just gonna keep tryna roll that 400k into more
  • Ya I run TN, SP, and TK. One day when I have enough 2/3 synergy cards im hoping to add xfactor in.
  • I believe it would be next week. Could be wrong though.
  • Agree to the max. 82 is putrid and I was disappointed when I seen that. Still a great card. I will say Mario has a wicked wrister and while he might slow down (especially BC he always seems to be on the ice) he is literally useful at any speed or spot on the ice lmao
  • I don't know how one can complain about a free to play single player mode with such lucrative rewards. Every year everyone complains about pay to win so they add this in trying to expand what you can do (this mode is also a huge factor in the fact that you could legitimately play almost completely free to play and still be…
  • I bought two of those, pulled 86 Marchand, fantasy necas, fantasy Howard and my second kuch
  • Just got them 👌, I didn't play this week of cs but apparently people got them yesterday i think
  • Side note yes auction house still sucks lol but it is what it is. Atleast the game isn't unplayable
  • Everyone can nit pick and whine but this is by FAR the best game of the last 6 years. Skating is far more realistic, you can pick a pass up in stride, one timers are more realistic and easier to time, and I have had 0 issues with connection or lag this year which I had ALL OF last game. If you bought the last few years yes…
  • Also rather frustrating I have 35 shots against this team and they have 3 and we are tied at 3... 🤣🧐🤔
  • Realized In the first picture he looks like he is passing the puck away. The guy on the right (who shoots it at his own net(I'm in white btw) is picking up a pass from 27 to then proceed to dump it. Which as you can see in the second pic is not the case
  • I've played NHL the last 11 games straight with the exception of 16 and notice the pass is significantly slower across any distance more than like 5 feet. Been holding it down doesn't seem to move any faster
  • I'm not saying there's no issues with the game because I've been on these forums periodically over the last 6 years almost exclusively to complain, BUT. People get too wrapped up in this momentum thing. If AI is grabbing your passes on the breakout it is because of the strategies your opponent set for his team. If you were…
  • ah fair enough hahaha and no i did not get that comment but i figured there was something i was missing 😂 either way i agree, would be nice not to be getting 96 overall matches over and over. one can only wish. i just want this server lag dealt with.
  • i dont really know if youre being sarcastic or not that was kind of an all over the place comment.... but regardless as stated. this isnt call of duty. there isnt enough players for that. the same people complaining about tough matches would then be complaining about never getting a game
  • you are matched within 5 divisions of your current. they would have to create a bunch more matchmaking algorithms to make it as specific as ranking, w/l ratio and whatever else. or they could close it to 3 division gap, but regardless you would either be waiting forever for a game or never get one. there is usually less…
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