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  • I'm all for more servers but if they can only have 3 they kind of have them in the right place if you look at a population density map of the country. I am curious what server your 40+ Chicago pings are connecting to because you would think the Com…
  • (Quote) It's not my fault he can't take a hit 😉 But seriously I'm also not for injuries in eashl. It's one of those functions that is true to real life but annoying in games. He doesn't want to be gimped for 5 minutes, I don't want to sit in the bo…
  • (Quote) One if my "favorite" parts of this game is when I'm forced into a fight that I don't want as a result of my clean check.
  • (Quote) I would say he shoved his side but I still think it at least deserved a stumble or separation.
  • Tips were lethal for a while but people complained to get those and D to D slappers nerfed into oblivion. Deke/cross crease or go home.
  • Bottom line the thinking seems to be that's it's too hard to punish all the trolls without the occasional collateral damage against a player who wasn't trolling. Personally I say it's worth the risk because you still get a net gain when people don't…
  • https://forums.operationsports.com/strategyguides/935/explaining-nhl-12s-attribute-system/ Some things may have changed but given the nature of this game cycle I'm betting it's still very accurate info in most cases.
  • (Quote) There was a year that the devs posted all of that information here but I'm not going to be overly helpful because I couldn't possibly tell you which one, maybe 14ish. If I remember correctly it effected pins and modified hits and balance.
  • I always turn off the music a week or two into the new game. Some of it is the song selection and some of it just that the nature of being limited to 20 songs means I'll get sick of them quickly. I would much prefer options to use created playlists…
  • (Quote) That's not how EA works. There will be complete silence until the marketing team does its thing.
  • The win subtractions are because its showing the total change since you last saw the post game screen. Lost points from the previous disconnect + your point from the win = overall negative change. Still dumb but there is the reason.
  • (Quote) We had no problems either, glad it seems fixed.
  • (Quote) Do you still need reports from us during particularly bad times or is everything established and you're just waiting on the solution to be implemented?
  • To be clear, I'm not just complaining that the servers were "laggy". There have been plenty of games with recurring brief pauses and I get it, most of the world is online right now. We usually just shrug it off and play through but last n…
  • (Quote) They are overpowered. They are simultaneously immune to checks, hit harder than any human, out run any human, pass better than any human (especially right as being hit) and win 90% of puck battles vs humans. Just because you can play a very…
  • (Quote) Can we have those conversations per game mode instead of under one giant umbrella? In EASHL there is no need for all the stoppages. There are no settings to be set during these delays and you took out hitting and scrums after the whistle to…
  • (Quote) You can't skip the replays in threes eliminator and sometimes they take as long as the game itself if it was a quickie. As for hitting the button to skip, it never happens in any form of 3's or 6's. It did last gen but suddenly everybody s…
  • Last night threes eliminator rounds no matchups on xbox as club or solo off and on (mostly off) for our group with guys in MI, NJ and TX around 7-9pm est. Haven't been around to check today.
  • I usually go sniper: 1. He has the mobility to keep up with forwards. 2. He shoots better than any D playertype. 3. If the server feels like being nice you can poke, sticklift and intercept with anybody and if the server isn't feeling nice then you …
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