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  • (Quote) No threat what so ever from the point is a great way to change the defensive meta to jamming 5 guys in the crease, so fun and realistic. All it really does is encourage dmen to get out of position or throw turds for rebounds. They have ne…
  • (Quote) For dropins the ai is better 90% of the time. I'm sure the numbers aren't as dire at club or league levels though.
  • (Quote) You had me at "The elite top players don't like D"
  • (Quote) You know you're good if you can still be effective. It's frustrating when you're in good position and a pass goes through you. Feels good to have an effective poke check when a skater is coming at you with no thought of protecting the puck.
  • I see a big difference around 90 power. You need to power it by before the goalie can react but even then you need to be around the top of the circles.
  • Things are still exactly the same as before but as always the defenders who don't quit have learned how to adapt in the best ways the game will allow for this year. Defense is overall a bit harder than the previous year and offense easier, like eve…
  • If you're signing up for a 6v6 mode then you aren't looking to play with AI and shouldn't have to. I won't even get into the myriad of reason why playing the ai sucks. Your number of players should determine your game mode. 3 or less, congrats, you…
  • (Quote) Answers: 1. $ 2. Yes, $ 3. Who cares... $ 4. Yes, $ 5. Probably not, $
  • (Quote) No biggie, I was just referring to other forum goers hijacking the thread for something irrelevant to the actual topic of the videos that are posted. Such as "why does the goalie react this way?" Somehow becomes a conversation abo…
  • (Quote) I was pretty close. Thanks for posting, that was the thread I was thinking of.
  • (Quote) Aljo, that comment wasn't meant for the devs if that was how you interpreted my "expert" comment. Either way I understand and I don't blame them. For me personally even if I didn't say anything or didn't agree with the logic that…
  • If I remember from the one year they actually posted the attributes I think it was a checking modifier, balance modifier, fighting modifier and effected ability to pin or escape pins. Its been a while but I doubt its changed.
  • (Quote) No. 1. I'm usually only playing when I have multiple friends on and I'm not making everybody wait while I go searching around for clips to record. 2. No good would come of it. If I complained that my car exploded when I turned the ignitio…
  • (Quote) We aren't complaining that we can't auto intercept passes, we are complaining that bad passes go through defenders at an alarming rate. I'm sure we would all be fine with a manual intercept option but we don't have one, we are left with the…
  • I've come across a few guys who can hit it every time, go practice.
  • (Quote) My eyes and brain know when a pass wouldn't get through irl and EA just spent what, 3 years, teaching us to LT in the passing lane? But now that I'm aware I will ignore my brain screaming out in agony and adapt my game to the programming. …
  • (Quote) Its completely illogical that holding LT to face the passer would hurt your chances of intercepting. Silly as that may be, it seems to be true this year. I played last night and it was clearly easier to grab passes when not holding LT. It …
  • (Quote) What other solutions are you thinking of? I'll give this no-LT intercepting a go in my next session.
  • To clarify, I am actually pleased with 1 on 1 defense. I'm cool with the pokes and dss this year and can handle the slow turn speed. But when someone else on my team is playing good d against a guy and I am covering my off-puck assignment like a gl…
  • (Quote) Except in 6's your teammate does play defense and forces a horrible pass by pressuring his guy... And said pass goes through your teammate, goes through you, but gets caught clean by the guy 2 inches behind you for a one timer. It's not re…
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