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  • I never bought or played NHL 14 after shelving NHL 13 all year so I can’t speak on that. I was referring to NHL 10 and 11. Again sure there were issues and glitches back then but you can’t make everything black and white by saying “those games had problems too so it’s even”. Those games had far, far, farrrrr less problems…
  • Noooo. I was waiting for a reply like this. Almost none of those things were actually true! Please stop minimizing our complaints here this does ZERO good. The things you mentioned happened to people who weren’t good at timing, reading, and those who had poor twitch skills. All of the very things that go into BEING GOOD AT…
  • Or just throw it blindly to the covered CPU controlled player like my winger did here, because you know he’ll fight for it, win that puck battle and get a decent shot off at the very least. So much talent required to score this one that I put it in my highlight reel! https://1drv.ms/v/s!AneWnw235_N7gzV2Zvtv94vaF0hl
  • Here’s another one: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AneWnw235_N7gzHuaaoUvO180oFs Sure it could have been defended better. We could have not let them touch the puck at all, ever. That DEFINITELY would have worked! But still, really? Why does the goalie just not easily handle this? There should be some onus on the offence to “git gud”…
  • A prime example here I make the cross crease pass to my winger and it gets picked off. The defender made the right play, but he gets punished for it. He has less than a tenth of a second to get rid of it somehow, somewhere. While the winger literally has to just press “shoot”. So here I make the wrong play, the defender…
  • How anyone can think this gen’s games take MORE skill is just way beyond me. A hockey game riddled with random occurrences that also heavily favors the long top shelf wrister/slapper is not a highly skill based hockey game. The long wrister/slapper is an easy out for players who can’t get by defensemen or set up good…
  • This is pretty much the crux of the issue. It takes a person of average intelligence like myself probably a maximum of 30, maybe 40 games to understand most of what plagues this series. But hey videos or it didn’t happen 🤷‍♂️.
  • Don’t even get me started on the windmill. Used to do it over two guys at the same time coming at me for the hit 😂.
  • Maybe try making them work again - like they did when skill stick and loose puck dekes were initially introduced - and not have the puck lag behind because “momentum” (even though the deke attempt was made while skating in a straight line at relatively mid to high speed.
  • It doesn’t matter. I remember playing games with dudes from Sweden and still not having as much random puck loss as I experience in current gen NHLs. That’s no excuse. It’s the way they game is designed. And I should mention it isn’t just on toe drags. It happens playing on 20 ms ping and it happens to the best of them. I…
  • The problem is we don’t want the game to be like this. Your answers about the mechanics are great but WE DON’T WANT THE GAME LIKE THIS.
  • I’ve used every build and there’s no way in heck even a 6’0 200 pound build (the smallest possible grinder build) is catching a 5’7 160 pound anything. The speed difference isn’t close. However the random puck loss that they put in around NHL 15 on basic toe drags - even when they are simply performed in open ice - is…
  • If this was actually true, why not just use the “OP builds” instead of complaining? I mean if a dangler is useless, why are you using it!?! I’ve never seen anything close to this by the way and I use every build from dangler to enforcer. The difference in speed, agility, shooting ability, hitting, etc. is easily…
  • Why are you so against changing this series for the better?
  • But in this case you’ve been given clear evidence of a problem in the game mechanics.
  • But you didn’t address the CR glitch
  • This whole entire series has turned into one big giant glitch
  • Don’t even get me started...
  • I’m confused on one hand you say you love 6s in all caps and with more Es than I care to count. In other posts you criticize the game left and right. This is exactly the type of thing that makes EA people go “hmmm”. So I can kinda see where they’re coming from when they say they’re confused from the contradicting feedback…
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