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  • Please devs just make it so you cant skate backward(L2) with the puck thats not even a real thing in hockey and if it is your puck control should be like 5/100. Also please remove the one hand tuck its wrecking the whole aspect of setting up plays. This game as it sits is like shooting on a shooter tutor in open hockey.…
  • I like ice. Its like dynamic high only it doesnt rotate all weird. Classic overhead and zone are good for passing but you lose stickhandling and shooting and like you said you feel more disconnected. Also if you hold down the touchpad after toggling to the on the player camera option you can get the camera to move to…
  • Why wont the cpu dman in threes EVER stay back!! He thinks he is center2
  • I agree that looks pretty dumb lol. But im guessing Ea does that so that the puck isnt just constantly hitting sticks and feet and sometimes the animation isnt pretty. If they changed it nobody would ever be able to grab a puck in front of the net. It wouldnt be an issue if you could have just poked the guy trying to…
  • I couldnt agree with this post more. Poke check penalties need to go, one hand tuck needs to go.
  • All they need to do is reduce poke penalties, increase hitting, remove the one hand tuck, and make the goalies not bite so much. 4 things and we get hockey back.. It shouldnt be so hard
  • LIterally the only thing they need to do is turn down poke check penalties. These "top players" just LT/L2 right in front of you and there is nothing you can do. Thats it. Maybe not make cpu goalies bite on every deke, increase hitting, and remove the one hand tuck. Bam hockey is back. This whole post is pointless. Blah…
  • agreed 200%. its just ridiculous seeing 5 one hand tucks a game when you see it once a week in the whole nhl. rewarding kids who have no hockey sense because they know a button combo they can exploit. Also like I said when you hit the poke check 3 times in a game and get 3 tripping penalties there is a problem. take better…
  • bring back "op" pokecheck and the problem goes away. Defense and passing should win games not broken physics exploits. Also just remove the stupid one hand tuck its the dumbest glitch in ea history
  • only 1 thing needs to be changed. BRING BACK THE "OP" POKECHECK!!!!!!! These clowns that just skating around the perimeter backwards until you jump at them or trip them is a joke. Defense should have the upper hand. Smart passing and strong defense should win games not who is the best at exploiting flaws in the game. OK…
  • The update is a step in the right direction. Gameplay is way better especially for goalies. Scoring is too hard lol. So set up better plays with your teammates(crazy concept right?) and get more quality shots. The only ones complaining are the 5ft7 snipers who dont play defense or pass but get one hand tucks and backside…
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