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  • It's straight forward for the regular lines. They jumble it up for the PP and PK lines though. The point is they should just be labeled regardless. Who makes a sports games and is like screw the positions. If I had Fifa or Madden and they didn't label positions I'd have people all over the place since I don't know those…
  • Ive also noticed some weird rubber banding and sometimes when a player picks up a puck it seems like he slides one way or another a couple feet instantly.
  • it doesn't make make a difference because Xbox is still saying IPv4 & IPv6. So I need that firmware update. Also if you have Rogers they're rolling out IPv6! so make sure you make sure you're a Rogers customer saying PlayStation has no problems and you have IPv6. You could be a Rogers customer and your area doesn't have…
    in IPv6 Reply by kylew1988 March 2017
  • I have the option to turn off the IPv6 firewall or turn it on all the way! I can even enable or disable p2p! It doesn't make any difference right now.
    in IPv6 Reply by kylew1988 March 2017
  • When I'm wifi I still have IPv4 and IPv6 and it stopped working for me on the 2.4 wifi network, I got like 3 games in before it quit out again. I wasn't able to get any played wired in or on the 5G network. My firmware version is So hopefully it will be updated. When I talked to Rogers tech support 4 days ago…
    in IPv6 Reply by kylew1988 March 2017
  • I am on the Xbox , I have a Hitron modem with Rogers and went wireless like you said because I couldn't play HUT wired. I couldn't play wireless on the 5G setting either. Wireless on the 2.4 network seems to actually work on HUT. There's no point in switching to bell because they're saying they're in the processing of…
    in IPv6 Reply by kylew1988 March 2017
  • It's Rogers and I have the gigabit modem. Teredo shows up in port forwarding but I haven't been able to match with people. There's also no setting to turn IPv6 off. My buddy is also with Rogers and has the same problem. He can't match with anyone. We can only play games that are server based now :/
    in IPv6 Reply by kylew1988 March 2017
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