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  • I have several case numbers now and no way of knowing which one. I gave EA several chances to keep me as a customer and at this point I refuse to waste more time for nothing.
  • Are there even playoff players in packs ? If you search PS4 there are none in AH? Are we buying packs with zero chances of playoff players?
  • It was regarding the constant lag I experience only on this game even though my PS4 tests show a good connection . I had explained I had tryed everything EA customer service technicians had told me to try to solve it . So obviously he was reading from his script and struggling with it as he had no knowledge of anything I…
  • I can confirm that customer service sends people here . They did it to me and I knew nothing can be done here . They do this to get rid of you and hope you are too frustrated to try back.
  • I have spent well over a mil coins on TOTY packs to get a 91 worth 30k . So while I feel you trust me you are not the only one. I won't ever spend real money on this trash game again.
  • What for all those Cups they won? Basically ruined Vancouvers chances of ever winning. Now that they're gone maybe Vancouver can win now.
  • Wow congrats. Maybe they like you but not me,still nothing worth it for me.
  • When you are close to your target use the Right stick towards the target. What I found was 6ft 200 lb players just don't seem to get knocked down as easily regardless of their checking skill.
  • The only thing clear to me is you are the only one defending EA. What exactly do you get out of that? And what does me not being good at the game have to do with the example I gave?
  • Lol OK and because EA says I will believe it too??? I was gullible enough to buy NHL 18 but I think I have since woken up to the truth. The game is no longer fun for me. And I feel not enough is being fixed in this game to keep me as a customer .
  • Or Gran Turismo Sport got a lot of bad feed back regarding amount of content when it came out. They have added a lot of new cars and races and tracks for free. Now seems a lot less complaints and more sales. Seems a good idea to keep customers happy ,but I am definitely not happy with NHL 18.
  • There is a obvious problem for me in lag . But how can anyone deny the first and last 10 second of period goals? They happen way too often. What I feel EA has done is try to make the game emulate the TV viewing game and not an actual skill based game . A good example of the OP point is why in challenges if I lock on goalie…
  • I agree 100%. Not sure how getting a base player off the TOTY in each TOTY pack would have any outcome but making customers feel ripped off. Its bad enough not ever getting a TOTY player but to rub it in our face ,really!!!!
  • Unfortunately the base cards are in packs now as well as the TOTY and any special card. EA changed that this year . And to make us even more upset the base versions of players upgraded presently are in almost every special pack I bought .( i bought over 600k worth and got 1 TOTY worth 50k ,nothing else but a lot of base…
  • Dude all base cards are quick sell or max 2k. There are no good base cards ,yet now I get at least 1 or 2 base players that are on TOTY per pack. Did they increase the odds of that just to **** us off more?
  • I would be happy with a game that worked.
  • Literally the worst year since I started in 2010. How about some compensation for all my lost time and frustration ? Guess they don't want my money anymore .
  • If they tell us what they try to fix then we will know they weren't able to.
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