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  • How about BAP updates they did last last gen for the game. But ever since new gen no updates
  • If they add anything for be a pro or a new career mode!!!! i'm not buying if nothing is not done for be a pro mode. I'm sick of EA catering to online only players, they ask for suggestions and honestly i haven't seen any survey results or as a customer have been asked what i think needs to be adding or fixed in the game. I…
  • As a normal consumer not special by any EA standards i sign up for every newsletter but still have yet been able to take a survey to give input toward modes i would like to see changes in. I mean i understand i'm one person but EA leaves a lot of casual gamers in the dark for suggestions to make a better game i understand…
  • I want to see the percentages too i'm curious but EA won't release idk why
  • There going down the catering to online now and will for a while now, the only thing they did for offline this year is added a scouting system, and legend teams. 1V1V1 Online mode World of Chel Online Mode EASHL Updates Online Mode Pond Hockey Online Mode I'm pretty sure HUT will have upgrades announced that's there money…
  • Ya but EA on dedicated servers of quality idk about that. They didn't mention nothing about updating there servers
  • Honestly it feels like a select few get to send feedback and our actually listened too which is frustrating, i would love in option in the game where you could send feedback, there are offline modes i agree, 90% are outdated i mean BAP you can ask for a trade thats it so in order for me to experience creating a player and…
  • With the technology we have now a days EA should know about exploits and fix them they have been going on for 4+ years or at least give players permanent bans that will weed out the exploiters real quick
  • I honestly think it won't be that good, EA does not balance new features to online and offline modes i feel its a letdown but offline players are like gum stuck on the bottom of your shoes to EA but yet cater to online players every needs and that except to gain a more loyal fanbase which is complete opposite they will…
  • Ya so puck ragging and glitch goals can live on last time i checked in offline modes i don't have to deal with that. I'm an offline player so i'm trash to EA, which is sad. EA cares about the online game but yet there servers go out every day makes sense
  • 3's is cartoony and the 900 items are strictly for online modes i'm not gonna play a game online when thats all people do is puck rag and glitch goal which i still haven't heard how there gonna fix that. Once again not fixing stuff that has been in the game for years
  • lol i still don't think i would get it
  • Well if there isn't more then the scouting system in franchise mode i will not buy i'm an offline mode player and no new features means i'm saving money, EA hasn't released anything yet on these modes so i take it there will be nothing new except for that scouting system so they have lost a customer.
  • I wish i could say that i hope your right about the percentage you say, EA says different in an article there game is more online based which i think is a lie. I just want some offline game mode love but EA will read these posts and just laugh
  • I love the ideas you threw out i'm not trying to be negative but when has this company listened to offline players?
  • Its hard to does this hypothetically when a company caters to one type of player ( online ) if they want to do that scrap offline modes and watch what there sales do. EA stated in a recent article nobody plays offline modes so they will not improve it, i'm not going to continue to be a customer until they listen to there…
  • they don't care about off line modes or people that have ideas for offline modes remember EA is going online only modes it sounds like. i have asked numerous times but when your not asked to do a survey to give your input its pointless they only care about online game modes and EA states nobody plays offline so i just…

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