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  • This is an EA induced issue. By going from 0 to 100 on the poke penalties, and 100 to 0 on the stick lift penalties, instead of a slow, gradual change for both from NHL 18, they force fed people to adjust rapidly. This tripled penalties per game. Last night, AIs accounted for five penalties in a game I played. They could…
  • What I still can't understand was the missed slap shots as well as missed one-timers off the faceoff from ODs. That.. just doesn't freaking happen.
  • No lies detected, sir. I especially like the stick lift comment about smacking people in the face. As a hockey player, if I'm stick lifting, I barely even go above the knees. Even if I miss. Lol. I love everything about this post.
  • I started playing NHL online with NHL 17. I can't imagine what it was like in the early years with the coming of skill stick, team practice, etc. Sad that these features were removed, however small, created a more well rounded experience. The only way it goes back to innovation rather than monetization is if they listen to…
  • Can't lie, Fish. Had fun playing organized hockey with peeps other than my club. Felt a bit out of place since I was getting to know the playstyles. I'm very used to playing D alone in clubs. Thanks for the invite.
  • Got back home after playing real hockey tonight. Tried for a 6v6 with low population and 38 second wait. Timed out and got the cancel bug, lol. First try. I think I'll go play some Forza instead. $70 dollars guys, hahaha.
  • I stopped playing after 2 of my 3 searches for games resulted in a freeze.
  • If it's in the game then I assume it uses code, and as a Lockheed software engineer I'm used to having all teams pool their resources to fix bugs that break the software. The game freezing while in matchmaking is game breaking. Something in house testers should catch before you introduce new code into a working build. Just…
  • How can EASHL be a thing when there are matchmaking issues and dressing room issues?? Matchmaking for god sakes. That is literally the backbone of online play in games. Now with the fixes, people are getting cancelling game errors and need to restart the whole game app. Screw these issues, right? We're going to focus on…
  • I don't know why you keep mentioning spam fest when it comes to penalties. You dont have to spam anything to get a penalty. Check out my "good play penalty" thread. Anyway, the fact of the matter is that penalties are inconsistent and overbearing on the game. Especially when the AI's are taking double the amount of…
  • I would rather it be a miss than a penalty, TBH.
  • That last one is brutal. Perfect poke position. Parallel to the player, literally stick on puck, stick in front of the leg at the start of the animation, feet goes out like you took a two-handed claymore swing to both feet.
  • Yeah. That's the definition of an errant stick lift. Behind you, no chance to lift or steal, it happens anyway and judging by your position about to take a shot at the blue line, probably resulted in a breakaway or partial breakaway.
  • Just painful to watch bro. The clipping and no call aside, these stick lift automatic steals on moving players is ridiculous. The puck should continue moving at the speed of your body until the player lifting your stick regains possession, but these seem to end up as automatic turnovers with the puck stopping dead in its…
  • Agree! Don't want me to poke. Fine. I'll use skill stick. Oh wait. My one-handed skill stick being held in one spot still trips players like he lost both legs in a light saber duel. Want to block a player from coming around the net for a wrap-around? Kneel down to block the shot. Ah shoot. They get tripped up on that as…
  • I'm not in front of the net though. I'm literally being checked and I can't move. The distance from my body from the puck is the circumference of the entire faceoff circle and I'm still being pushed nearly behind the net. The only reason the AI stops pushing me is because his team got control of the puck. What is happening…
  • I agree with everything but the poke. It needed to be nerfed big time, and this is coming from a seasoned defenseman. They nerfed it and in pickup games there's still 7+ penalties per game from tripping alone.
  • Goalies this year, especially for human goalies, are horrendous. I've never played human goalie, but from what I've seen, they make it hard for them to hold onto the puck. Then they just flop everywhere in hopes of finding it or are afraid to move for fear of knocking it in themselves.
  • Hey Mal. Unfortunately for us D, the game this year has taken away a lot of our defensive tools. Not only has poke check become a penalty maker, but the skill stick will give you just as many penalties. After the tuner, offensive players are a lot stronger on the puck now and will hold onto it more more. And of course, as…
  • I give up. Just logged on tonight, get into a small 6v6 lobby and back out before the time runs out, start matchmaking again and run the search for two minutes before cancelling and get the cancel bug again where I have to shut the game down and bring it back up again. Not worth it.
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