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  • I totally agree with posters above about removing penalty shots from 3's. They are auto goals every time once you start playing against any kind of decent players. Maybe in the future once goalies have some AI learning, or they get a lot better, but this year and last it's just the same cheese goal over and over. I also…
  • Was it 16 that they released a demo beta that everyone thought was really smooth and felt good compared to the prev year, but then when the game released it was choppy and laggy for most users? I remember that being a serious complaint on here that the game didn't play nearly as well once actually released. I don't care if…
  • My frustration usually starts showing up around this time of the year. When they start to release news of unrequested novelty game modes & silly "upgrades" that should have been in patches years ago. Then once I realize features that are actually worth playing like GM connected won't be added, I usually go away for another…
  • So do I get an apology then for you calling me out? lol That glitch was in the game in 13 & 14 if I am remembering correctly, and you're telling me they just finally took it out in 2018? Are you not completely proving my point? Pretty frustrating, dude.
  • I might give it a try. I'd need to reactivate my xbox live. Are the current user teams completely stacked already though?
  • I saw this & thought you were going to say you heard news that it was coming back! I'd buy the game again if it was included, even with the frustrating gameplay of recent years!
  • Played some VR for the first time a few weeks ago. Would actually be amazing!, but unless EA is currently working on one and that is why their NHL game has been lacking for a while, I wouldn't want them to take any more time away from the current game right now.
  • You might need to read the forums a bit more perhaps? It is funny that you're unable to simply feel the general disappointment that this fan base is feeling towards the direction of this series. I think most people have an idea so I won't go into detail again just for you in this thread.
  • Oddly enough, I am actually a software developer, guys! In response to the game breaking glitches, I should have been more clear, although I did try to make clear that I was not referring to "glitch goals" or anything like that, as I feel like if you are good at the game you are able to defend against whatever potential…
  • Somewhere between NHL 13 & 14 for me. Loved the online franchise, as glitchy as it was. The gameplay felt like the scripted momentum was starting to creep in more in 14, but overall the game was great and felt like you were in control for the most part! No idea how many hours we all spent playing 13 & 14! So close, if only…
  • If the EA team were just actively fixing glitches, I don't think it would really be an issue. When they haven't taken the time to fix simple things years after they were discovered, that feels a bit like a slap in the face. I also don't agree that we will never have the ability to prevent glitches and exploits with tech.…
  • Lots of other things to do before celebrations should ever be touched guys.
  • If I'm playing with friends, I'll use a mic. If it was just drop in games or random VS, I wouldn't bother. Some of the worst people you'll ever talk to on these consoles lol. If they aren't completely awful humans, they are usually just super annoying sad people IMO, and I come away from it feeling a little drained.
  • I get your frustration, but in my opinion they spend too much time already in 2018 working on offline modes. Yah playing glitch players online can be frustrating, but I didn't have nearly as much frustration last gen when I felt like I was actually in control of my team. Gameplay needs an overhaul and hopefully they have…
  • If EA stepped down, surely another publisher would jump in and finally give the fans what they want.
  • If it weren't 5 straight years of them progressively making the game play worse and worse, while adding countless unrequested gimmick game modes, it would be easier to accept your point as valid. They made this game the terrible product it is today on their own. Slap a new name on a skating system that works, and you're…
  • As much as we complained at the time about some of it's shortcomings, we absolutely loved it even just the way it was. We played through 5-8 years in 13 & 14 with very active leagues. Had big plans for it when they pulled the plug in 15. Had we have known EA would not expand and improve on it, we would have shut our mouths…
  • Yes, seems like a priority
  • Aside from the ridiculous amount of time I have played NHL games, video games are not for me. I believe there must be other people like me that are out there.
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