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  • or “I was trying to switch players or go in for a check and ended up turning over or icing the puck” It is the most frustrating thing about this game for me. I have lost out on so many breakaway chances. I mentioned earlier that on the ps3, I could change the button config to prevent this but now we don't have a choice.
  • Also on the ps3 version you used to be able to change what the buttons do. I miss that. It probably has to do with the skill stick. I can't remember what I used to change but it had something to do with checking. If I was able to change it around again, the stupid icing the puck or passing the puck when you don't have the…
  • Happened to me as well. Also a reporter told me we didn't win either the division or the conference but we are first in the league. This is in year 2. This game is such a mess. Nothing is getting fixed.
  • No new features, just fix the current gameplay & visual bugs.
  • It is now February and the bug is still there.
  • Not only that but for me, they happen when I played the team at home. Detroit is in town so my guys says something like "Hey, since we are in Detroit, wanna check out...." Ummm what? We are home, not in their city. So many bugs. So many.
  • Wow, what's the point of pre-ordering the standard edition? You don't even get early access to it. :(
  • Yea and ever since NHL 14, that stats are never correct after season 1. I would love it as well but since they can't keep correct stats I don't see how this would happen. And don't even get me started on the still messed up play stats they display while playing a game. I have 20+ goals in the season buy the pop up of my…
  • Stats are wrong for everyone. I have a player in franchise mode with 20+ goals. During the game they show a close up and shows he has 3 goals. Look, stats have been messed up for years. Don't plan on them getting fixed. They are just worse this year. Every year if you play franchise mode, after the first season, stats go…
  • I only play this game offline and since the latest update, I feel like I am playing air hockey or pong. The puck is just bouncing everywhere and no one can hold on to it. The game had it's problems before the latest patch but now I don't know if I even want to try playing anymore.
  • Duh, they could care less. They only care about World of Chel gear.
  • Like if you are in the going in for a check and someone on your team gets the intercepts a pass or picks up a lose puck you automatically shoot the puck away. If the button was already pressed and your team gets the puck, it should cancel out the action. Same with passes that happen when you press to change players but…
  • I hope they start fresh for next gen. This gen's copy + paste game still have bugs from last gen.
  • My goalie stats for the season are wrong. 21 games in, My 2 goalies wins for the season don't add up to my total wins and i've only used those 2 goalies.
  • I've seen the presentation stats show the same for both teams. My goalie stats for the season are wrong. 21 games in, My 2 goalies wins for the season don't add up to my total wins and i've only used those 2 goalies.
  • I have gotten used to the new position. I do wish it wouldn't flash on the powerplay. It is annoying.
  • the slap shot rebound is horrible. I have only played 3 games in Franchise mode. If the other team takes a slap shot from an angle, it uses rebounds to the side and easy goal while my goalie is just sitting there.
  • I came here to just mention this. Let the goalie use the teams default masks. Why would I want Belfour wearing a Dallas mask?????? Also, it would be nice if there was a default alumni season to pick from so you don't have to sub every team with an alumni team.
  • Your tv is in stretch mode. See the topic last edited on the 13 “edges off the screen”. I had the same problem, I read it and was like no way, my tv is fine just like the author was. I had no problems with any other game or appletv. Sure enough I finally found the setting. I had to turn my tv to “pixel by pixel” or…
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