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  • This is more than true. I contacted couple of years ago EA's helpdesk and wondered these same issues then. Only response were about my internet connection. Why they have to keep on making the game in the same way they used to? Why not make the AI play like they supposed to even if the human player plays like crap or the…
  • I will try this next. First game is done. I had wc, 1t, sp and several player synergies. Dropped wc and 1t off and ques what folks? It worked! Just smooth hockey finally. Thanks a lot boumbidiboum!! Hope that this will carry to futere games
  • Yeah I know that connection is more than important in these kind of games. I play fps games as much as nhl and have to admit that i suffer some lags in those games too. But they are still playable unlike nhl. My ping is somewhere between 20-40 ms and there is no way to get better connection where I live. Still I think that…
  • Seems familiar, sad but true.
  • Still waiting explanation to this assistance???
  • How about fixing the problems in the gameplay. The same problem has been there for years and do NOT tell me that it aint there or you did not know it. And the problem is this assistent when team as different overall rankings. Tell me why is the assistent still here??? One simple queastion, please answer. Just finished a…
  • Yep. Same thing here, just opened the pack and only few rare player popped up. Way the go EA! Do you think they are going to correct this or giva us a new pack? Hahhahaha
  • I have been asking these same steps here in forums for a while now. No answers from EA. Just played eastern conference playoff games in comp. I did not buy any great players only used basic gold players that I allready had. And what happened my players worked just fine, non of those problems. Wohooo EA fixed the game!…
  • I only play when connection meter stays in green. When checking the in game ping it is somewhere between 15-25ms.
  • Same thing here. Hut champions qualification is the worst. Much weaker opponents win every game. My 99 skaters are much slover than opponents lets say 92 skaters. Once again awesome work by EA! Sadly I bought digital version of the game so I cannot even sell this crap. This is surely my last game that I spend my money on EA
  • I feel you bbbea. Since pekka rinne got 99 card and evolution raised to 99 the comedy started. He is way outta position in every game. I just lost a game 5-4 and my opponent got 7 shots in the game. Every shot was a wristshot on a straight line skating just after the blue line. Checked the last games that my opponet has…
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