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  • (Quote) What are you basing any of this on? I dont recall anything about online franchise in any of the surveys sent out. Is it being based off the usage of the last online franchise, which was incredibly broken and took forever to advance week to …
  • This game is one of the worst offenders of this Ive ever seen. It seems like about 80% of the online community is a giant black guy with blonde beards and an overtly racist name that they claim is a "joke". Im the last person to whine abou…
  • Sticks randomly breaking were a horrible feature for online competitive modes. No thanks Deflections are super broken though. We always have a net front presence and he hardly deflects everything, the puck will just hit him half the time. Yet the o…
  • This is embarrassing
  • I really dont understand why there isnt a logo creator at this point. Obviously people would make obscene things, but just make a report feature as other games do. Also at this point, seeing that 90% of the people I play are racist derogatory names,…
  • Unfortunately, Im pretty sure they think this L2 figure skating nonsense, and other non hockey play is cool and gives them the skill gap they want. Instead of a hockey game having a skill gap based on being good at things that look like hockey. Its …
  • Its hilarious watching NHL players complain about the same things we complain about here, Id love to see the devs tell them they dont know hockey like they try to tell us.
  • Yup. Every single time I put the game on. Game has fallen on dark times. But hey at least we have Snoop Dogg!!!!! Just what everyone was asking for.
  • Can a DEV chime in on if this is actually how you guys want the game to be played? Do you want the ridiculous L2 abuse in the game? Please let me know if this is the direction your taking this game so I can stop wasting my time hoping for an update …
  • Its pretty clear after this update that they dont give a crap about the opinion of anyone over the age of 15 that isnt a twitch streamer living it up in their moms basement. If you want any semblance of actual hockey, youve come to the wrong place a…
  • The amount of one handed tucks are embarrassing. The fact that they work every single time and require nothing to set up is even more embarrassing. If I was a dev, I would legitimately be ashamed of this game.
  • the mode is awful if you actually like hockey. This game gets further and further from wanting anyone to play anything that resembles hockey.
  • (Quote) It sure as hell didnt feel like it.
  • The trial has me seriously considering not buying. What a disaster this game is online. Everyone I played was a 5'7 160 pound dangler that cant be hit because of the incessant spinning and L2ing. That stupid one hand tuck crap still goes in every t…
  • The one handed tuck is pathetic. They add it to the game and because it was a new feature they made it so it went every single time and havent bothered fixing it since. [Socair - edited for profanity]
  • Ive never auto stick lifted in my life. Auto poke check? All the time. Auto stick lift? Never.
  • Just give me Warriors of Time from the NHL 09 soundtrack, I dunno why but I loved that song haha
  • (Quote) Thats not really what he asked though. Why do they keep it a secret? It makes no sense. Other companies announce beta's weeks in advance and market them to drum up news and hype. These guys do nothing. Its the same team that cries small d…
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