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  • I mean that isnt what hes said once in this thread, his entire point is that skating feels more like skating in nhl 94 than it does in these current games. It has nothing to do with boards hits or anything else.
  • Looking forward to the reveal. Still quite skeptical. Also highly curious of the release day choice. They had the expansion draft and entry draft on the NHL's big return to ESPN and instead chose a random Thursday in August at 8am, when the big Call of Duty reveal is a few hours later.
  • How do you continue to spell Bauer wrong in different ways in every comment?
  • Barely market game, tell us how small of a team works on this game and thats why we cant get significant changes. Whats that old saying about the definition of insanity? Maybe if the game was marketed towards more than just the 12 people that watch the NHL Awards every year, youd sell more copies. But even then, its like a…
  • I find this extremely hard to believe seeing that in EASHL when Im losing but on PK for instance my AI will immediately clear the puck upon possession despite losing with 30 seconds left.
  • I also cant play on PS5. I heard about the free weekend so I decided to download, then I learned apparently the free weekend is onyl for the ps4 version, fine since I still have my 10 hour free trial from EA access or whatever you guys call it now. But nope, the game wont load and is stuck on "flipping the coin" on the…
  • Theres absolutely no reason not to have custom. You just give everyone all the points from the get go and you could even leave in your awful base player types for people that are super casual and dont care.
  • Yeah but now we can wear Billebeino fashion clothes!!!! Whatever the hell that even is
  • The playoffs suck but I really dont get this extreme hatred for the outdoor rinks people have. Ive never once lost sight of the puck and frankly all the actual eashl arenas have been the same garbage for years, I like the outside rink feel.
  • 3's is a poop show, i dont blame anyone for wanting to play 6's as a team of 3. The amount of sweatiness in 3's is frankly disgusting. The puck ragging, figure skating, total lack of NHL rules, penalty shots because dorks spin in circles for 10 minutes until you trip them. My team of 3's very occasionally plays 6's because…
  • You guys should consider just eliminating penalty shots for every penalty because its awful. It just pushes teams to play an even worse style of play to attempt to draw calls. I dont understand why this was ever even added.
  • 3v3 is just a poop show in general. Its just not fun. The player types arent fun. The game isnt fun. Watching people do the same shot all game isnt fun. We win considerably more often than we lose but its always a chore because we try to actually play hockey and that isnt rewarded in the mode at all.
  • Its maybe the dumbest thing Ive ever seen. I dont usually ever do playoffs because its always a hassle to find a game in my experience and I dont wanna sit there for a half hour searching once we get to the finals. But this. This skidmark of an idea is so bad. How did someone come up with this, and then a room full of…
  • First club finals game, team ragged at the start of the second period. Players name was I Will Rag the Puck, which we couldnt see until the game started thanks to this god awful playoff set up. Its embarrassing. Just add a damn shot clock or something. They already just make up their own rules for half the mode anyway
  • Youre not missing anything, just bag after bag of stupid goal horns.
  • Rewarding dmen for playing solid positional defense and being in a passing line with a puck intercept or at least a deflection? Bad Rewarding a dmen for constantly charging the puck trying to check or mashing poke check with the puck being in his skates as his terrible defensive effort turns into a rush. Perfectly fine.…
  • Lets be real, 3's has its own rules entirely as it is for some dumb reason, so just add a damn shot clock, problem solved.
  • Yup, its been an issue forever with this game. Real hockey is not rewarded nearly enough. Goalies are programmed to stop good hockey but the broken screw up plays or forced one timers through traffic work way too much. I can specifically remember and count the amount of regular shots that Ive seen go in, that is not ok.
  • You mean goal horn bags? Its awful.
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