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  • Exactly I agree, so get rid of it! Just let us pick HOCKEY uniforms for our players and teams.
  • Like others have said it has been an issue for years human goalies wrecking potentially good games my suggestion has been to have a vote system so you can vote players that wreck games out of the game it would not be hard to do...yes some bad apples would manipulate this vote system but I think its worth a try...and get…
  • 20 days of playoffs??? Really? Thats what you guys came up with? What was wrong with the old format? Get two chances and your out...Our team finished in Div 2 now we are in the elite cup and we can't win a game to save our lives! The ranking system makes no sense we get destroyed every game in the new playoff format…
  • Our team as well hates this format. Agree 100% with this original post. We ended in Div 2 which put our team in the Elite Cup playoff division but really our team is not a div 2 team we are more like a div 4 - 6 team we are not that good so we get destroyed almost every game in the playoffs by players that can and know how…
  • Why are we even opening bags? ... Just give us the darn skates and helmets and whatever gear we want the whole bag thing is stupid!
  • I agree 100% no reason for goalies they ruin way more games than they contribute to we should at least be able to vote out players that ruin games ...give us a either a vote to ban or be able to pick games with a CPU goalie.....
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