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  • i predict the defensive skill stick will only be slightly more useful than precision skating
  • HAHAHA to be an esport the game has to be fair, consistent and accurate with the translation of visual information to the player. nhl 17 is a long ways away from any of those.
  • when i do play vs i now run tests to see if my ai will give me a chance to win. Mainly passing and line changing tests. If the ai fails those tests i just quit the game cause i want to vs my opponent and their skill level not bad programming.
  • yes this is an absolute plague in eashl especially when the puck carrier stick goes through the boards which makes poking it an impossibility. I remember someone on here asking whether or not ea test plays the game before selling it and the dev called that notion laughable.
  • A lot of my friends only play the game because they signed up for league and dont want to be banned from it. No one asks to play for fun anymore and several looong time members have said they wont be signing up for next season due to the game itself.
  • While you are right that there were many other shooters, Socom had a niche market, just like nhl does, because it was different from other shooters. The community loved 1 and 2, which grew the player base, and they bought 3 but were disappointed by it by enlarge. Why? Because they could see they were trying to cater to cod…
  • this series is definitely heading the way the socom series went unfortunately. In the end the devs that made socom had to close. If your own ai cant figure out one of the fundamental systems of your game, somethings wrong.
  • another problem is the game is so inconsistent when it comes to pokechecking. Last night i played a game, and since i decided to start counting, i succesfully poke checked (having the puck come loose after hitting rb) 22 times except the carrier picked the puck right back up. I couldnt believe it. I was clearly "knocking…
  • so is that "special" thing for 6v6 leagues coming this year or are the leagues gonna have to deal with club challenge until next September?
  • I cant help but think the only people who care about ranking exploitation without the card system would be the overly obsessed and the game changers. Even with the card system the outcry over goal trading was over blown.
  • He already did that during the Beta and got eviscerated by the comments pointing out situations where it was obvious he had a lack of control of what he wanted his player to do. He denied this,of course, so he's either lying or makes stupid decisions like actually wanting to face the back boards when defending the cross…
  • https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/81510/2-simple-gameplay-design-flaws#latest
  • It's tough to have a constructive discussion with someone when they deny whats actually happening in the video evidence for, what? 3 times now is it?
  • I said it before but here goes again. The game will never be good in this engine. Same problem dayz has.
  • looks like we now know Cogs' 2nd account name LOL.
  • Yes, we should really trust someone's recount of a 2 and a half hour game even though he denied the actions that happened in his own submitted video which lasted a couple of minutes.
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