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  • That would explain why Kurtz goes all Chris Kreider goalie ramming on his penalty shots.
  • One pause is sufficient, but it’s annoying that it’s tied to your only opportunity to call timeout. Especially annoying if you’re playing drop-in and you get the one guy who of course has to pause and quit after the first goal 2 minutes into a game.
  • It amazes me that shot blocks were counted in this game when EASHL started 10 years ago, but not now. I don’t understand the logic - did this get removed to be added back in a future title as a new feature? 😂
  • I’ll take anything that makes playing this game more immersive. It’s almost embarrassing to compare the presentation and other customization options in NHL to other sports titles. Although I can wear flower pants and birthday cake jerseys to skate in an outdoor rink with other flower pants wearing players, so maybe I can’t…
  • Yes, unfortunately once you get to a decent ranking in vs the community becomes extremely cancerous. I usually find myself playing against someone trying to rag like this or receiving an angry message after the game about how my opponent is going to forcibly fornicate with my family members and how they would have beat me…
  • If they could get it right and fix all the issues it had prior gen I’d love to see it come back, I had a lot of fun with it when it functioned properly. What amazes me is the rationale behind removing it in the first place. People wanted it. They introduce the mode. It has a million issues, doesn’t work properly. Then they…
  • I have to disagree, the 2K model is terrible. The grind is insane, in addition to the pay to win with VC. I’d like 2K’s customization in NHL as far as how much you can do with the court and jerseys maybe. Skate and stick customization I’d be okay with coming back, but if attributed ever come back I hope EA stays far far…
  • Personally I’ve never thought them to be overpowered, but their ability to magically do certain things that humans cannot possibly do in the game gets a little annoying. Mostly though, A.I. is easily exploitable if you know what you’re doing.
  • If that’s the case doesn’t much matter what tuner is currently being used really. I know “git gud” is overused but it applies to that dude if he can’t avoid a guy running around like a chicken with its head cut off and his arms in the air.
  • When I see these clowns with their black face/blonde hair/red beard and their racist names I just make sure to run up the score on them. Makes me feel better personally.
  • Exactly. At least there’s SOME measure in place to attempt to curb the issue, but the community being toxic is the main issue and it’s almost impossible to police the entire community from finding a way to troll a game.
  • There’s something to that. I find changing it up whether tie ups or stick lifts sometime gets the other guy thinking more about what he’s going to do, gives me a little edge with him hesitating.
  • Call me skeptical but I highly doubt your issues with the game stem from owning the digital version as opposed to having it on disc.
  • @Hunter1155 I can’t help myself when I play those kind of people. I’m sure some here have seen the type. They skate down the ice try their corny wrister and when it doesn’t work they go 5 man trap. I know it makes them mad so I have fun with them, then I get the angry messages or some even plug in their mic and start…
  • This. I’m not skating into your wall or forcing the play into your trap if you refuse to forecheck at all. Especially in online vs, where I’ve watched my opponents switch repeatedly to a forechecking CPU in order to pull them back and throw 5 in the neutral zone. I’ll sit behind the net for as long as I want in that case.…
  • I meant that in a way of fixing the game and it’s issues, for guys like us who want a fun, legit, team play experience. I wouldn’t know what they actually want, I’m not an LG player, but if that is what they want and what they do they sure shouldn’t be on here complaining about anything since that’s exactly the state of…
  • If LG season has this much pull with EA they should’ve been louder about the beta tuner from the jump. Maybe these LG people can speak a little louder about the rest of the issues the game has and we can get a fix for those too 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • When I run into this I ramp up the forecheck, bring a guy to one side of the net then switch to bring another to the other side and make him make a move. Doesn’t work all the time but if I can get him to pass quicker than he wants to I usually force a turnover.
  • A little late in the game to get a refund, a small gesture like an apology for picking people’s pockets for $60-$100 for the steaming pile of scrap could go a long way with a few unhappy victims 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Unless you’re brand new to the game you should be well aware that people play like straight morons/wannabe heroes in drop-ins. I’d suggest either buddying up with some people or avoiding it all together and playing club if you’re taking your CR seriously.
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