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  • Yeah I bought him with saved tokens. He’s okay. I never play heavyweight so it seems kind of like a waste though. I was hoping they would give you a way to obtain 5 star cafs with styles of your choosing since the game is on its last legs but I guess not.
  • Kimbo is the new spotlight fighter. Anyone know what his stats/style/stance is?
  • Auction house would be great but this game has probably around 500-1000 UT players a day at most and not really worth it for them. I literally play the top 50 guys all the time and I’m not even in the top 1000. Besides it would stop a lot of people from buying packs. If it had anywhere close to the player base of Madden or…
  • Will there be more spotlight fighters?
  • Works now thank you!
  • Did they just take down game face for good? I get done with doing all the marker and it wont let me upload and create one anymore.
  • Haha same exact **** happened to me. Only used about 250k coins though. Why would anyone want to spend real money on this game when the pack RNG is total trash?
  • I spent 250k coins on 236 event packs hoping to get the elite Adesanya. Not even one gold fighter or elite move to make up for it. Got like 3-4 gold moves with **** stats and 40 silver Alan Joubans. I'm not wasting $2 a pack when I'm not even guaranteed (or even close to 50% chance) to get what I want. I dont know how much…
  • It's most likely to slow you down to make the grind for coins even slower. Zero chance of them changing it imo.
  • Are any of the moves worth getting? I'm thinking of just going 5 star Ronda and calling it a month
  • I'm around 1360 now. Used to fight a lot of scrub spammers in the 1200s but now for whatever reason I'm being matched up with top 1-20 guys who also spam. It's definitely a lot easier compared to before and I can even get a win over them every now and then but why am I being matched with guys who are like 1500-1600?
  • I've been getting random bizarro moves like the Celtic Cross and others but there doesnt seem to be a way to upgrade them in sets. Are they ever going to be included?
  • The cartwheel kick is definitely harder to see coming than any other kick but that doesn't make it OP. It can easily be dodged/countered still. Body knee + elbow on the other hand is way too fast to counter unless you're actively waiting for it and pre deny it. Its pretty pathetic seeing people spam it nonstop. If it wasnt…
  • This game came out over a year ago. It takes less than a month to get a 4/5* champion fighter f you do just your daily objectives. I have multiple 5 star/4star fighters + moves and I haven't spent a dime and honestly dont even play as much as I did in the beginning. Even doing solo challenges will get you multiple packs +…
  • I still dont have it either. Only the lead body knew which isn't as great but still effective.
  • How is it pay to win when you can't choose what to buy? Not to mention all the best fighters (master tier) are only available in sets and promos. Most of the stuff you get randomly from packs aren't even good. The only thing you can do is buy packs to not have to endlessly grind for set pieces which are all still there if…
  • Thanks man appreciate it :)
  • 1 wildcard + 2 master 1 wildcard + 2 master 3x wildcard Was saving them for 5* Nunes (needed 4) but decided to just get these guys instead since I could pick up Nunes any time. I also missed out on the entire crossover event so I needed to make sure to get them haha.
  • I actually ended up getting a decent amount from opening toty packs, those daily packs, and from the challenges. Maybe ended up with around 20ish? Keep at it guys!
  • They're both great. If you want a pure great striker like Conor with enough slots to max BOT/SUBD and pretty high in others, go Pettis. If you want an all around good fighter where you can be deadly on the feet, clinch, or on the ground, go Tony or the CAF.
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