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  • Also, radical opinion...remove AI (except goalie of course) from all online teamplay modes. Let people play 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5. Stop making games luck of the draw with who gets the AI that plays defense and who doesn't.
  • I don't think this dev team is actually trying anymore (and hasn't for years). As others have said, the money comes in, they make some tweaks, and call it a "new game". Yes, I totally agree, it can't feel completely different because a game of hockey is a game of hockey. But by that same token, they shouldn't have nearly…
  • Wow, you guys are getting even worse than me then. The last couple days, I've had Honda, Ice Breakers, and Panera Bread...and I clicked "claim reward" after each one and only the Panera one didn't credit. I wonder if it is just a problem with certain commercials then. Either way, I still don't get how EA doesn't have a…
  • This is where I stopped last night after dealing with this crap and watching one of my wins not count. And you're right. It worked perfectly! :D
  • Yeah, I have to agree with this. What other justification is there for a Team Wheel squad with almost every player 92+ speed and acceleration getting caught from behind on breakaways or not able to even move up the ice before getting poke spammed because it takes forever to get their legs churning. I know how to click the…
  • Wow...kind of a barebones patch. Kind of sad that most of those fixes amount to "the game won't crash anymore."
  • The problem is most of the people who play this game aren't smart enough to see these things. When you're spending an entire game running and gunning down the boards, dangling around the offensive zone with one player, and throwing the puck out with your goalie past two defenders, you're not really the target demographic…
  • Oh, I completely agree. I'd love to see it. It's even worse this year with certain cards being so much harder to obtain (I'd really be happy to see an "all jerseys" pack at this point). But there are so many things with this game that need improving, I don't know if getting around to "useful features" will ever be…
  • Well, I mean, that's a given. Why else release a terrible game year after year? :smiley:
  • The reason they got rid of it was because it allowed people to set up bots and macros to automatically snipe auctions for them. So, yeah...I'd love to have it as much as anybody else, but as with anything...the douchebags ruin it for the rest of us.
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