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  • Really want those 90s Winnipeg jets jerseys. I made a decent one in create a team, but still not the same.
  • I'm not sure how to link the sites on here, but Iv'e been using the following for awhile now..Look up gundees nhl legends for stats. For created players, go to the operation sports, nhl 20 rosters section. On the alumni project thread, someone has a link to some good created players. Its on the first or second page. I did…
  • Are you going to have a link of how to create these caps? faces stats ect..Which default roster did you use? Thanks!
  • I know they added willie o'ree, a few updates ago. I think thats all since release, unless i'm missing something? Yeah I would love a link to some good legend caps if anyone has. I did alot myself, but I couldn't find the right face for some of them. There is something though Iv'e been using on the operation sports site,…
  • I downloaded the august 5th roster the other day and bobby hull was on the alumni blackhawks and jets. A lot of the other legends were not on the teams though. I know its an old roster, but If he's in the game already, why can't ea add him to the updated rosters?
  • It’s just sad and such a waste. 200 legends and there all behind these hut pay wall nonsense. These could have been the best hockey game ever. Thanks ea..
  • It was a scam just to get people to buy the game. Grind in hut and pay for packs. By the end of the season you will prolly get a 90 overall legend! Lol
  • I’m glad I bought nba 2k19 and not this garbage. It’s not hockey but at least they hook you up with the legends to do whatever you please.
  • Did the legends issue get fixed with this new patch or is it still the same nonsense?
  • Cause there cheap and they want people to pay for packs. Hey ea, maybe if you let them be available for offline, you guys would have more customers. Keep showing pictures on Twitter of the legends in there uniforms. Great job! Lol
  • I think it’s delayed cause they want people to buy packs and play hut first. Trying to make some more moolah first lol. Whatever as long as it becomes available eventually. If not thanks for scamming everybody ea.
  • Ea needs to take a cue from mlb the show and nba 2k. You can do whatever you want with the legends there and plenty of people still play the ultimate team modes. If this ever gets fixed it will be a dream game for me. Will see if it happens though. I’m not getting my hopes up.
  • Until I hear it’s been fixed, I’m not buying this game. I was really looking forward to using legends this year, on there respective teams. Hut don’t count. I’m not paying for packs and grinding all day, to maybe be able to get a couple decent legends in two months.
  • Yeah thanks ea for getting me all pumped for the game the past few months. Now I been hearing this. That’s false advertising right there, showing Gretzky in his oilers and kings jersey on front cover.
  • They said today we should get our rewards but still nothing so far. Those games are very time consuming. I can deal with the gameplay being slow for it but not playing those anymore, till I get the proper rewards.
  • I’m at veteran rank and still haven’t received my awards. Is there something I’m supposed to do that I’m missing?
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